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Wood has served people for thousands of years, also as a fuel, giving them thermal comfort and safety. It is a renewable raw material, which is the most environmentally friendly of all available fuels. It releases the least harmful substances and thus does not pollute the atmosphere. Adding to this a high calorific value, we obtain an excellent fuel, thanks to which you can ensure warmth and family atmosphere in your home.

That is why HITZE offers free-standing fireplaces and fireplace inserts burned with wood. In the interest of nature and our customers' satisfaction.

100% of HITZE products meet strict ECOdesign standards

At HITZE, we pay great attention to environmentally friendly solutions and technologies. The proof of this is the certification of all our equipment in notified testing institutes in the EU. This means that they meet the strict ECOdesign standards, being modern and environmentally friendly solutions.

What is the
ECOdesign standard?

It is a directive of the European Parliament, also known as Ecodesign, which contains all the necessary energy and emission requirements for local space heaters, including wood-burning fireplaces. In order for a heater to receive the ECOdesign certificate it must ensure high energy efficiency and low emissions.

Following European standards we create devices that emit 90% less pollution than traditional solutions. Moreover, thanks to their high energy efficiency, they are also extremely economical - so you can save up to 25% energy!

Selected HITZE fireplaces also meet the parameters required in the German speaking countries according to BImSchV II and 15a B-VG, making them the best and most environmentally friendly investment!
We take care of
your energy

When investing in HITZE products, you will benefit from solutions such as the TURBO BURN afterburning system, which not only reduces the amount of exhaust fumes, but also increases the amount of thermal energy and fuel economy, as well as special deflectors, which increase the temperature inside the combustion chamber, optimising the entire process.

How to use the fireplace
to care for the environment?
Our objective is not only to provide the most modern and fully ecological free-standing fireplaces and fireplace inserts, but also to help operate them properly. If you want to be "eco" and at the same time be sure that your heating appliance will serve you for many years, you should first of all:

  burn from the top, so that no smoke will escape from the hearth, which could significantly reduce the comfort of the household;

  use suitable wood - preferably deciduous, dry wood, which has been seasoned for at least 3 years;

  choose the best fireplace stoves,that you will find in the HITZE offer.

How to choose the right fireplace wood and prepare well for the season? You can find out here!
Choose without a doubt.
Choose right.

HITZE is a 116 heating devices that you can customise as you wish. All of them are wood-burning and are based on the latest technologies and best materials. By choosing Hitze fireplaces you care for ecology, economy and the highest thermal comfort.

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Ecology and health

Why are fireplaces so popular?

Aesthetics and atmosphere The fireplace adds a unique character and warmth to any interior. The smell of wood, in a duet with the view of spreading flames, calms and relaxes. That is why, located in the center of the house, usually in the living room, it is the perfect background...

Ecological fireplace. What does that mean and how do I find it?

Older type fireplaces are one of the main sources of emission of harmful compounds. For the sake of clean air, however, we do not have to give up dreams of our own hearth. All we need to do is choose a model compliant with the Ecodesign directive. Romantic atmosphere and an additional source...

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