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heat resistant paint UNSTRUCTURAL
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water jacket with pipes
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STALKO Sp. z o.o. sp. k.
(formerly HITZE Sp. z o.o.)
24/253 Solec Street,
00-403 Warszawa, Poland

32 Gdyńska Street
26-600 Radom, Poland

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10 practical tips on how to choose the best fireplace

how to prepare for the heating season?

There is a wide range of household chimneys on the Polish market, of which we can certainly distinguish:

  • fireplaces,
  • fireplaces with a water jacket,
  • free standing ovens,
  • biofireplaces.


1. Which fireplace to choose?

An air fireplace or maybe a water jacket? Corner or standard? What function should it perform? How to choose the right fireplace with such a large selection? Before we make a decision, it is worth to read the answers to the following questions.  

2. How to choose the right thermal efficiency?

A fireplace with sufficient power will allow you to warm up and maintain the right temperature at home. The larger the combustion chamber, the greater the power, which is why we should take into account the building's surface, insulation and tightness of windows.  

3. Fireplace is an economical and ecological source of heat.

A fireplace with a water jacket will allow to heat the water supplying the central heating system and utility water, still serving as a traditional fireplace. This solution will save 30-40% of natural gas costs and have a positive impact on the environment.

4. An effective source of heat, but not the only one!

According to the latest building regulations, the fireplace can not be the only source of heat. This does not mean that we have to give up the fireplace as an additional source of heat. We can still enjoy the cozy atmosphere, and the heating costs will be definitely lower.  

6. Or maybe bet on a "goat"?

Free-standing stoves, colloquially known as "goats", are an alternative to built-in fireplaces. The combination of steel and glass makes the "goat" fit into any room. However, we must remember to provide a "goat" connection to the chimney. The free-standing stove is an effective source of heat that has similar thermal efficiency to traditional ones.  

7. You do not have a chimney?

It's not a problem! The solution is biofireplaces that do not need to be connected to electricity and a chimney. They are easy to assemble, fed with ecological and biodegradable biofuel, they do not emit smoke, smell or soot and are safe to use. The Hitze brand offer includes a wide range of products powered by ecological biofuel. Bioprojecties, biolythms and biofireplaces are unusual decorations that will surprise your loved ones and the emitted heat will provide a unique atmosphere.  

8. The atmosphere is full of warmth and peace.

The fireplace gives a unique, homely atmosphere. Evenings spent by the fire are a guarantee of unforgettable memories!  

9. Safety and ecology in the first place!

It is important that the selected fireplace has certificates confirming its technical parameters, safety of use and high quality. The Hitze brand products meet the stringent criteria of the European Ecodesign directive.  

10. HITZE - warmth from nature.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the full offer of the HITZE brand. Our distributors throughout Poland will provide expert advice and help you make the right choice.

Dictionary of terms:

AIR CONTRIBUTION - fireplace, whose principle of operation is based on the convection of air around the cartridge. The cold air under the cartridge begins to heat and rises up.

WATER COATING CONTRIBUTION - fireplace, in which thermal energy is transmitted through convection to water and air and through radiation through the glass to the environment. It can serve as a traditional fireplace and heat water supplying the central heating system and utility water.

NOMINAL POWER - a coefficient defining the number of kW that can be produced by the cartridge at its optimal loading, the larger the combustion chamber, the greater the power.

EFFICIENCY - the ratio, expressed as a percentage, of the total thermal power to the total thermal power supplied; the value determined during the product testing.

FLUE - element connecting the cartridge with the chimney channel, ensures proper flue gas discharge, can be steel or cast iron.

AIR CURTAIN - a construction element limiting sooting on the glass in the fireplace, ensuring the "clean glass" effect.

DEFLECTOR - element separating the combustion chamber from the exchanger, optimizes the combustion process inside the chamber, it can be steel or ceramic.

EXHAUST COMBUSTION SYSTEM - increases the amount of thermal energy, reduces the emission of harmful substances into the environment and increases fuel economy.

CERAMIC CONTR. - lining the inside of the insert with heat accumulating material, has a practical and aesthetic function.

PRIMARY AIR - air supplied to the grate involved in firing up.

SECONDARY AIR - air taking part in the combustion of volatile particles.

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Logo stopka

STALKO Sp. z o.o. sp. k.
(formerly HITZE Sp. z o.o.)
24/253 Solec Street,
00-403 Warszawa, Poland

32 Gdyńska Street
26-600 Radom, Poland

3 Łukasika Street
26-600 Radom, Poland

PHONE: +48 48 380 18 98

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