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At Hitze, we have always focused on durability, modernity, functionality and safety at the world level. We are aware of the importance of family warmth and peace in our lives, so we want to nurture them.

It is relationships that make a home, and only warm relationships can create a truly unique place for your children to grow up. This a unique feeling of warmth and peace He has given us fire for years, which is why we want to present you our latest product that will allow you to enjoy a true and unique vision of fire.

We present our new one Calma line of gas fireplaces. It is combination of functionality and broadly understood luxury. Advanced connection technology and modern design in every detail. It is a combination that will warm your interior with a living flame fire in three dimensions and will provide warmth and peace for you and your family.

calma gas fireplace
calma gas fireplace

Key information

  • CALMA gas fireplaces are distinguished by the highest level of safety, realized by certified automation and parental lock. In addition, they are equipped with automatic shutdown systems in the event of obstruction, incorrect gas pressure or flue gas backflow.
  • Robust anti-explosion flaps are responsible for the safety of the entire structure. In addition, the fireplaces are fully compliant with the requirements of the Low Voltage Directive (LVD).
  • With the ability to connect the CALMA gas fireplace to Smart Home systems, you can manage their operation from virtually anywhere in the world.
  • The use of flexible gas automation tubing ensures not only fast and trouble-free installation, but also easy servicing.
  • All CALMA series fireplaces can be safely fueled with both high-methane natural gas (G20) and a mixture of propane and butane (G30). In addition, nitrogenated natural gas (G27) or propane (G31) can be used for power.
  • It is also possible to supply fireplaces with other types of gas. In such cases, the conversion is carried out only by an authorized HITZE service.

CALMA gas fireplaces come in three versions. The first is distinguished by its size of 80 cm x 50 cm, the second 65 cm x 80 cm, while the dimensions of the largest fireplace are 120 cm x cm 50 cm.

Care for the environment

Each fireplace in the CALMA series meets all the assumptions of the Ecodesign, which in practice means not only the highest level of safety, but also environmental protection. Gas as BIOfuel is not harmful to humans and animals. The airtight chamber of the combustion chamber guarantees perfectly clean air in the house. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our consulting department.

Ecological gas fireplaces of the CALMA series. Luxury, convenience and safety in your home. Enjoy the beautiful creation of fire in its natural form.



CALMA gas fireplaces - an investment for years to come

For the production of CALMA series gas fireplaces, we used only carefully selected materials. Combined with precise workmanship and attention to every detail, even the smallest, our fireplaces retain their original appearance, functionality and features for many years. Modern design, intuitive operation and energy efficiency are just some of the features that characterize CALMA gas fireplaces. Find out what you can gain by choosing this product.

Benefits of having CALMA gas fireplaces from HITZE

The entire line of CALMA gas fireplaces is designed to display the fire in its natural form in complete safety. The warmth and sense of calm that accompanies the observation of the flames allows you, at least for a moment, to distance yourself from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Unlike standard fireplaces, you don't have to waste time laboriously lighting a fire. Simply sit comfortably in an armchair, then using the remote control turn on the fireplace and enjoy the soothing view of the flames. From now on, choosing the right wood, seasoning it and preparing it for the heating season are no longer your worries. CALMA gas fireplaces from HITZE mean convenience of use, efficient heating and everyday luxury.

What are the distinctive features of CALMA gas fireplaces?

All CALMA series fireplaces are equipped with a stabilized power supply with a capacity of 6V1A, which in practice means reducing the need for electricity to a minimum. Also noteworthy is the Triangle Flame burner distinguished by its specially designed construction and the use of technology that guarantees the observation of an extremely beautiful visualization of the fire, which you can stare at for hours. It is also worth mentioning that CALMA fireplaces have a ready-made burner with dedicated, permanently mounted logs, so the user does not need to care about their placement. This affects the lack of installation errors, safety and minimizes the risk of damage to the insert.

Another distinguishing feature of the CALMA series fireplaces from HITZE is the polished Japanese Noclear® glass on both sides, characterized by the highest level of transparency. Combined with its anti-reflective properties, it guarantees an unobstructed, natural vision of the fire in your home. The aforementioned remote control, which comes standard with every version of the fireplace, comes in two versions (German Maxitroll or Austrian TESC). In addition to turning the fireplace on and off, it is also responsible for the precise measurement of the temperature in the room. In addition, it is equipped with a thermostat function and the ability to connect to the intuitive "My Fire App" for managing the fireplace via mobile devices.



calma gas fireplace

What do you gain by choosing CALMA gas fireplaces from HITZE?

Calma gas fireplaces have been designed for those who love the warmth of a home hearth and do not want to give it up in the time of the hectic daily duties. By choosing Calma fireplaces, you choose the warmth of your home fireplacefrom which it separates you just one click...

You don't have to think about the best wood for your fireplace in summer. You do not have to put the logs of wood aside, season it and worry about this process long before the heating season. Choose luxury that gives you peace of mind ...

Calma gas fireplaces were created for those who value comfort, luxury and modern solutions in their home.


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Could there be anything simpler?


The CALMA line of gas fireplaces is it is also an extremely comfortable solution for anyone who is looking for a fireplace that gives a naturally beautiful vision of fire, and does not want to waste time on preparations related to lighting and cleaning, as it is done with traditional fireplaces. Solution in the form of Calma gas fireplace, it not only saves time but also saves electricity. Standard fireplaces are powered by batteries, which in the event of a power failure will still allow you to enjoy the pleasant warmth in the room.

The burner has been developed with care and attention to every detail, which gives the most realistic vision of the fire. The use of a specially designed and patented Triangle Flame burner will allow you to admire the multidimensional and true vision of fire every day. In addition, the user gets the burner complete with dedicated, permanently mounted ceramic logs (wood), which significantly affects the absence of installation errors, safety and minimizes the risk of damage to the insert.

Fire at your fingertips

Every CALMA series fireplace has remote control included with automation of your choice:
- German automatics
- Austrian automatics TESC

Each of the pilots will allow you to enjoy the glow and warmth of the fire in the blink of an eye. In addition, each of them acts as a thermostat, measures the temperature in the room, and also has many other functions, such as, for example, parental lock.

The Maxitrol remote control is compatible with the “My Fire App” application, which will also allow you to control the fireplace from your phone. An additional and modern solution that Calma fireplaces have is the possibility of connecting the fireplace with the Smart Home system.

See how easy it is to use

Crystal perfect as standard

The additional pleasure of gazing at the glow of the Calma fireplace is undoubtedly influenced by the high-quality neoclear® glass, which was used in Calma gas fireplaces from HITZE. The glass of the Japanese company Nippon Electric Glass is the only one that is polished on both sides, and thus allows for a perfectly transparent and transparent vision of the fire. The standard glass provides an anti-reflective effect, so there is no need to pay extra to be able to admire the uninterrupted vision of a fire in your home.

Are gas fireplaces safe?

Calma gas fireplaces are also unquestionable safety. They have certified automation, which only confirms high electromagnetic safety (EMC).

See the Ekodesign declaration

Calma gas heaters also meet the requirements of the Low Voltage Directive (LVD). Moreover, they were equipped with several types of security, such as:

parental lock
automatic shutdown when smoke backflow is detected
automatic switch-off in the event of obstruction of the air-exhaust duct
automatic shutdown in case of problems with the gas supply
anti-explosion flaps

In addition, in the event of unwanted and unpredictable life situations, such as problems with the patency of the air-flue gas conduit the fireplace will automatically turn off. The same will happen if there are problems with the gas supply. Moreover, Calma gas fireplaces have a mechanism for detecting backflow of exhaust gases or gas disappearance, which will also turn off the fireplace immediately.

It was also thought out gas automation in the fireplace CALMA. It is based on flexible hoses, which allows them to be freely arranged, and thus easy installation and hassle-free servicing.

What gas do they work with
CALMA fireplaces?

The CALMA line of gas fireplaces is modern appliances
that can work with:

  • G20 gas (high-methane natural gas),
  • G27 (nitrogen-rich natural gas),
  • G30 (propane butane gas mixture)
  • G31 (propane gas).

Also, there is a possibility adapting the heater to work with another gasthan the gas specified on the label. Such conversion may only be performed by an authorized HITZE service center.

calma gas fireplace - 45 degree angle view
Warranty up to 8 years
The good news is not over yet. All cartridges
CALMA gas plants have been covered by a special support program.
By registering the purchased product, you will extend the warranty to 8 years.
The good news is not over yet. All cartridges
CALMA gas plants have been covered by a special support program.
By registering the purchased product, you will extend the warranty to 8 years.
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