ALBERO fireplace cassettes are:

  • fuel economy and environmental friendliness, which results from a special afterburning system;
  • excellent airflow, thanks to an adjustable throttle;
  • cleanliness of the fireplace, which is affected by the air curtains that reduce the build-up of dirt on the rapid fireplace and the grate and ash container;
  • ease of fitting the fireplace - e.g. thanks to the adjustable feet and the variety of dimensions of the fireplaces in this line.

Air curtain

reduces soot deposition on a fireplace glass pane ensuring "clean glass" effect.

Heat pipes

increase the area of heat exchange and accumulation (from 3 to 6 pcs depending on the model)

Flue ø180 / 200 / 220 / 250 mm

guarantees tight connection of the fireplace to the chimney duct and ensures proper burning in the fireplace as well as increases the area of heat exchange.


optimizes burning process due to the increase of temperature inside the chamber.

Classic hexagonal combustion chamber

Smaller size of the burner transforms itself into higher combustion temperature.

Steel door

made of a profile of increased rigidity which guarantees door tightness and strength.


Heat-resistant ceramic glass

resistant to the working temperature up to 800°C, optional available DECOR glass and double glass system.

Air inlet ø125 / 150 mm (1 adjustment lever)

the throttle regulates smooth airflow inside the fireplace.


Grate and ash box

makes ash removal easier and gathers burnt wood residues. *An exception is AL120x43 as a no-grate burner.

The afterburning system

increases thermal energy volume, reduces the emission of harmful substances to the environment and improves fuel saving.


Ceramic concrete insert

accumulates warmth and is resistant to the temperature even up to 1000°C.

Regulated feet in the range of 4 cm.

allow positioning the fireplace insert securely and stably even on the unstable surface. ADDITIONAL OPTION: raising the feet in the height of +10 cm with adjustment +/- from 3 to 5 cm.

Fireplace inserts ALBERO can have different heating capacities available in six variants: 9, 11, 14, 16, 19, and 25 kW. Furthermore, since 2021, fireplaces are standardly equipped with a DECOR printed glass. Inserts with a plain glass are available only until stocks last. For most models, it is also possible to order versions with an additional inner glass, depending on the individual needs of the customer.

ALBERO fireplace inserts - optimised combustion process

HITZE is a brand that does not look for compromises - an example of this is the ALBERO fireplace insert, which generate the optimum amount of heat when burning wood economically. This is due to innovative solutions, such as a ceramic concrete insert with resistance to temperatures up to 1000° C, which concentrates heat, and special deflectors, which increase the temperature inside the chamber. The above-average efficiency of the fireplace insert is also influenced by the hexagonal combustion chamber - by reducing the volume of the fireplace, the temperature is increased. In this way, it is easy to obtain optimum heat in the house, without the risk of overheating the rooms.

Of course, airborne fireplace inserts ALBERO is also above average resistant to damage and works reliably for many yearsWhat is the reason for this? First of all, it is due to the use of high-quality boiler steel for the body, airtight and durable doors made of a profile with increased rigidity, and heat-resistant ceramic glass, which can withstand operating temperatures of up to 800°C.

ALBERO fireplace inserts

Lightweight, modern and universal ALBERO fireplace inserts will fit perfectly into any space - both domestic and commercial. It is a line consisting of six series of fireplaces which differ in heating power. All of them have one thing in common - the highest quality of workmanship, which consists of excellent performance in heating rooms, above-average durability and aesthetics that will delight all lovers of modern interior design.

ADENTE DUO tunnel inserts - the way to family warmth and a beautiful home

The ALBERO line is one of the most popular in HITZE's offer - this is due to the excellent parameters of fireplaces and the possibility to adjust them to individual customer needs. Our offer also includes fireplaces with ALBERO water jacket which also impress with their aesthetics, durability and efficiency.

Should you have any questions or wish to seek help when choosing your fireplace insert, please do not hesitate to contact our specialists.

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