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ELLISSE free-standing fireplaces are:

  • Air regulation: Two independent dampers enabling precise regulation of air volume;
  • Efficiency: Deflector and extended smoke channel ensure excellent combustion efficiency;
  • Tightness: Tight construction of the combustion chamber and a connector enabling the supply of outside air, compatible with heat recovery systems;
  • Durability: High-quality P265GH boiler sheet guarantees longevity and resistance to temperature fluctuations;
  • Ease of use: Removable ash pan with large capacity allows quick ash removal;
  • Versatility: Possibility of connecting to a hot air distribution system for heating several rooms;

Clean glass system

curtain and airbag;


Steel door

made of a special profile that guarantees stiffness and high temperature durability.


Cast iron flue ø200 mm with regulation 360º

guarantees tight connection of the fireplace to the chimney duct and ensures proper burning in the fireplace.


A solid steel body

30% more weight*
key elements made of high-quality P265GH boiler sheet with a thickness of 5 mm


Regulated feet

in the range of 4 cm. allow positioning the fireplace insert securely and stably even on the unstable surface. ADDITIONAL OPTION: raising the feet in the height of +10 cm with adjustment +/- from 3 to 5 cm.


Hinged cast iron grate EASY CLEAN

for the convenience of cleaning the hearth.

ELLISSE freestanding fireplaces are modern models made of high-class materials and using advanced technologies. They provide not only comfort of use, but also excellent thermal efficiency. Thanks to various versions (ELLISSE S, ELLISSE SF, ELLISSE SB) They will fit perfectly into any interior, constituting its central decorative and functional point or discreetly complementing the accent. They create a unique atmosphere by combining elegant design with high efficiency and ecological solutions. Perfect for heating both small and large rooms.

Pleasant warmth for longer

Fireplaces ELLISSE ensure effective heating of the interior thanks to long-lasting heat release even after the fireplace is extinguished. These models can be connected to a hot air distribution system, which allows for effective heating of larger spaces, ensuring energy savings and thermal comfort in many rooms.

Universal use

Fireplaces ELLISSE they match modern, minimalist interiors and classic arrangements, creating a romantic atmosphere in the living room, a cozy atmosphere in the bedroom or a relaxing aura in the office.

Dancing flames

in ELLISSE fireplaces

We have it in nature!

Fireplace doors ELLISSE are made of double-sided, ceramic fireplace glass, which retains its properties at temperatures up to 800°C. This special glass provides excellent transparency, allowing you to safely and undisturbed admire the flame dance. The high quality of the door material makes it resistant to extreme thermal conditions, guaranteeing durability and reliability. Thanks to this, ELLISSE fireplaces they create a unique atmosphere where you can enjoy the sight of a living fire in all its glory.

Both sides polished fireplace glass used in the doors of the models ELLISSE not only protects against high temperatures, but also allows you to observe the flames in a safe and comfortable way. Ceramic glass, thanks to its durability, does not tarnish or crack, which allows the fireplace to be used for a long time without losing its aesthetic and functional properties. A fiery spectacle behind the glass doors of fireplaces ELLISSE adds warmth and magic to interiors, creating ideal conditions for relaxation and spending time with loved ones.

ELLISSE, i.e. universal use in many spaces

ELLISSE fireplaces were designed by the brand HITZE so that they work well in both small and medium-sized rooms. Regardless of whether we want to create a romantic atmosphere in the living room, a cozy atmosphere in the bedroom or a relaxing atmosphere in the office, a free-standing stove ELLISSE will be the perfect solution. The modern design with oval sides and the elegant finish of this model make it fit both modern, minimalist interiors and classic, traditional arrangements. Thanks to this, you can use the functionality of the fireplace ELLISSE regardless of place or circumstances.

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