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An elegant solution for the charm of a fireplace in any interior. Built-in bio fireplace represents the ideal solution for those wishing to enjoy the charm of a fireplace, but who do not have the option of installing a traditional hearth. This type of a bio-fireplace can easily be fitted into walls or furniture, adding elegance and creating a pleasant, warm atmosphere in the room.

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Simple installation and aesthetically pleasing design

Built-in bio-fireplaces - Hitze are characterised by their simple assembly and beautiful design. They can be easily fitted into walls or specially designed furniture, blending in perfectly with the room design. Their elegant design adds a unique charm and creates a cosy atmosphere in any interior.

Convenient handling and environmental friendliness

Built-in bio-fireplaces are extremely easy to use. Simply fill the tank with special biofuel, light the flame and enjoy the beauty of the fire and the pleasant warmth. They do not generate ash, which eliminates the need for complicated cleaning operations. What's more, Built-in bio fireplaces are environmentally friendly, emitting no harmful substances, so you can enjoy the atmosphere of a fireplace while taking care of the planet.

Realising the dream of a fireplace without complicated installation work

If you dream of having a fireplace but do not have the option of installing a traditional solution, built-in bio-fireplace is the ideal choice. With it, you can make your fireplace dream come true without having to carry out complicated installation work. Built-in bio-fireplaces - Hitze are easy to install, allowing you to enjoy the atmosphere of a fireplace in your chosen location without much effort.

Safety and security

Built-in bio-fireplaces are designed with user safety in mind. They are equipped with special safety mechanisms that protect against accidental biofuel leakage or uncontrolled fire spread. In addition, many models have an automatic flame extinguishing function if a hazard is detected, providing additional protection.

Built-in bio-fireplaces - Hitze are an elegant solution that allows you to enjoy the charm of a fireplace in any interior. Their simple installation, aesthetic design, ease of use, environmental friendliness and added comfort and functionality make them the ideal choice for those who wish to create a pleasant fireplace atmosphere without having to install a traditional furnaces. In addition, they offer a high level of safety and protection from hazards, giving users peace of mind and reassurance. Installing a built-in bio-fireplace allows you to fulfil the dream of a fireplace without complicated installation work and enrich any interior with the beauty of flames and the warmth of a campfire.

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