TRINITY fireplace inserts

A modern fireplace insert guarantees not only adequate thermal comfort, but also an excellent climate and family atmosphere. Everyone who wants to combine aesthetics with functionality should check TRINITY fireplace inserts, which are a manifestation of creativity of HITZE designers. These are the first fireplaces in the offer to have a three-sided vision of the fire, which makes them unique, proving themselves in every house.

TRINITY air fireplace inserts - the natural fireplace in your home

The unique three-sided vision of the fire is the main advantage of the TRINITY air inserts - this model has been designed to avoid excessive steel elements and doors, exposing the natural appearance of the fireplace. This is the best way to achieve a wonderful, family atmosphere in the living room and maximum comfort.

Thanks to the use of large MAXVISION glass, not only did you achieve a wonderful, natural appearance of the fireplace and a full vision of the fire, but at the same time the greatest durability and tightness of the structure was maintained.

TRINITY - sophisticated
solutions for demanding customers
Warmth from nature
The beauty of TRINITY air inserts is not everything. Thanks to the continuous development of the HITZE brand, many other innovative solutions have been obtained, which distinguish this fireplace from the others available on the market. The first one is the modern mechanism of opening the fireplace - thanks to the guillotine with service access, the use of the insert is fully safe and provides protection for the youngest.

What is more, thanks to a well thought-out construction, the user does not have to be afraid of smoke going back to the room when opening the insert.

Of course, the TRINITY fireplace inserts also have a high heating efficiency, which has been achieved with the proven HITZE solutions. These include a wide hearth, flames that increase the area of heat accumulation and exchange, and two ceramic concrete deflectors that enable longer afterburning of the fuel particles and thus increase the combustion temperature. Special attention should also be paid to an independent aerated afterburning system and a fully adjustable cast-iron flue pipe, which allows exhaust fumes to be discharged in any direction - this gives full safety and makes the TRINITY fireplace insert fully ecological.
What is more,
every fireplace in this series:
  • is made of the highest quality steel, which makes it functional and elegant over many years;
  • is very easy to clean, thanks to the EASY CLEAN system, the clean TRIO glass with air curtains and a large ash container;
  • is equipped with an innovative air intake system, thanks to which it is fed independently through three channels - under the grate, bottom air curtain and top air curtain and afterburner;
  • is equipped with the new EASY START firing-up support system and double height adjustment of the legs, which makes it comfortable to use and functional;
  • ensures economic combustion, which significantly reduces heating costs;
  • is universal and will work in every house whose owners care about exceptional arrangement of space.

The TRINITY fireplace inserts is available in three shapes and a wide range of adjustable power - 5-15.5 kW.

Cast iron flue ø200 with regulation 360º

giving the possibility of removing fumes in every direction.

Heat pipes - 3 pcs

increase the area of heat exchange and accumulation.

MAXVISION Big glasing

Used combined glass without printing maximizes the natural appearance of the furnace.

TRIO Clean glass system

Three-sided air guide and top and bottom air curtains

A large container for ash

in the form of a removable drawer under the grate.

EASY UP Regulated feet

allow positioning the fireplace insert securely and stable. Regulation in the range of 13,5 cm.


Independent air regulation supporting firing up (additional lever).

Guillotine proLIFT with service access

Full wheel ensures tightness of the insert and safety against opening by children.

Two ceramic concrete deflectors

allows for longer burning of fuel particles, extends the exhaust route and optimizes the combustion process by increasing the temperature inside the chamber.

Independently annealed post combustion system
SIZE+ Combustion Chamber

Ceramic concrete insert.

Hinged cast iron grate EASY CLEAN

in the tilting frame and independent throttle-controlled aeration.

Air inlet

The air from the outside is supplied through the stub Ø150, and then divided into three independent channels Ø90: under the grate, lower air curtain and afterburner and the upper air curtain.

TRINITY fireplace insert - meets the highest expectations!
TRINITY is a line of fireplace inserts which is the best hallmark of the HITZE brand. It is a synonym of elegance, modernity and efficiency, closed in a durable cladding and providing the highest thermal comfort.

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