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TRINITY fireplace cassettes are:

  • The EASY CLEAN system guarantees quick and effortless cleaning, thanks to which your fireplace will always look elegant. The use of the TRIO glass, in combination with a large container for ash, reduces the frequency of washing to a minimum.
  • Another distinguishing feature of three-sided fireplace inserts is a specially designed air intake system implemented through channels that are 100% independent of each other. The air goes directly under the grate, as well as to the exhaust afterburner and to the lower and upper air curtain.
  • In addition, TRINITY fireplace inserts by HITZE are energy-efficient, thanks to which they allow you to reduce heating costs.
  • The practical EASY START system ensures easy and, above all, quick lighting of the fireplace. You don't have to wait long for the full exposure of the flames. In addition, the double adjustment of the legs guarantees comfortable use.
  • High-quality steel was used for the production of inserts, which guarantees long life and trouble-free use of the inserts.
  • Another distinguishing feature of the inserts is their versatility, which means that they can be successfully installed in any home.

Cast iron flue ø200 with regulation 360º

giving the possibility of removing fumes in every direction.


Heat pipes - 3 pcs

increase the area of heat exchange and accumulation.


MAXVISION Big glasing

Used combined glass without printing maximizes the natural appearance of the furnace


TRIO Clean glass system

Three-sided air guide and top and bottom air curtains


A large container for ash

in the form of a removable drawer under the grate


EASY UP Regulated feet

allow positioning the fireplace insert securely and stable. Regulation in the range of 13,5 cm



Independent air regulation supporting firing up (additional lever)


Guillotine proLIFT with service access

Full wheel ensures tightness of the insert and safety against opening by children.


Two ceramic concrete deflectors

allows for longer burning of fuel particles, extends the exhaust route and optimizes the combustion process by increasing the temperature inside the chamber.


Independently annealed post combustion system


SIZE+ Wide fireplace

Ceramic concrete insert


Hinged cast iron grate EASY CLEAN

in a frame with independent air supply controlled by a throttle


Air inlet

The air from the outside is supplied through the stub Ø150, and then divided into three independent channels Ø90: under the grate, lower air curtain and afterburner and the upper air curtain

Series TRINITY fireplace inserts includes models with 3 variants, differing from each other in the shape of the hearth. In turn, the power of the devices ranges from 5 to 15.5 kW.

TRINITY - a real fire in your home

The main premise of the structure TRINITY fireplace inserts from HITZE was the maximum fire exposure. It was achieved by reducing to a minimum the number and size of steel elements, which limit the impression of observing a natural hearth. Three-sided fireplace inserts make the living room change into an atmospheric place that allows you to rest and distance yourself from the daily race.

They deserve special attention MAXVISION glasingwhose size ensures not only the natural appearance of the furnace, but also the observation of the full vision of the fire. In addition, the panes are characterized by high durability and guarantee full tightness of the structure. TRINITY fireplace inserts they retain their original appearance and functionality for many years. It is an investment that immediately pays for itself in the form of warmth, family atmosphere, unique atmosphere and trouble-free service.

TRINITY fireplace inserts - functionality and safety

We have it in nature!
During the production of inserts, only high-quality materials characterized by durability and high strength were used. Additionally, careful craftsmanship and attention to every detail make the TRINITY air fireplace inserts complete products. The application of modern technology and innovative solutions distinguishes them from the competition. For years, the HITZE brand has prioritized safety, which is why the inserts are equipped with effective systems to prevent smoke from backing up when the insert is opened. Another technology responsible for high-level safety is an independent, air-supplied system whose main task is to burn off exhaust gases. The cast iron chimney cap, with the ability for free adjustment, allows for directing exhaust gases in any direction.
What else is worth knowing about TRINITY fireplace inserts? Specially designed structure and modern solutions guarantee high heating efficiency. A suitably wide firebox, combined with water pipes, as well as the maximally enlarged area responsible for heat accumulation and exchange, make three-sided fireplace inserts they effectively transfer heat to the room. Two heat deflectors made of solid ceramic concrete also deserve special attention. Thanks to them, it is possible to burn the fuel particles for a longer time, which in practice translates into a higher combustion temperature.

TRINITY fireplace inserts

The presence of a fireplace provides not only thermal comfort, but also introduces peace, harmony and family atmosphere. Air fireplace inserts TRINITY, thanks to a specially designed structure, they guarantee an extremely beautiful, three-sided vision of fire, which you can stare at endlessly. Aesthetic finish, combined with functionality and intuitive operation make the inserts perfect for any home, regardless of the decor and size of the room.

A warm and friendly home

Fireplace inserts from the TRINITY series are refined products that will provide thermal comfort, a unique atmosphere and bring a blissful mood for many years. If you have any questions related to the selection of a specific insert or the method of installation, please contact our experienced advisers.

Elegant, functional and safe air fireplace inserts TRINITY. Beautiful fire exposure and high heating efficiency in one.

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