Wood burning fireplaces with water jacket

Water jacket fireplaces

Fireplaces with a water jacket have an aesthetic function. They are also used as an additional source of heat. They differ from traditional fireplaces primarily in their construction - it is based on walls, between which water flows. In addition, the whole is covered with a water jacket. This construction allows you to effectively use the heat generated during the combustion of wood to heat rooms. A fireplace with a water jacket can be combined with a heating system, thanks to which heat is distributed throughout all rooms.

Fireplace insert with water jacket - principles of operation

Unlike classic fireplaces, water jacket models allow recovery and use of the heat generated in the combustion chamber. In the housing of the stove there are two walls through which water flows and heats up at the same time. This solution means that the heat along with the smoke does not escape into the chimney, as in the case of classic fireplaces, but is recovered by effectively heating the water. When the fireplace with water jacket is connected to the heating system, you can successfully heat the room in which it is located and other rooms, bathroom, kitchen and bedroom. In addition, with its help you can heat running water. Prices of fireplaces with a water jacket are largely dependent on their power. The higher it is, the more expensive the fireplace. It is worth adding that fireplace with water jacket is an excellent support for the heating system, but is not used to completely replace it. It is ideal during the so-called transitional periods, during which it is sufficient to warm the air by a few degrees to achieve thermal comfort in the house.

Fireplaces with water jacket - the most important advantages

The key benefit of having fireplaces equipped with a insert with a water jacket is the reduction of home heating costs. In addition, the presence of a fireplace introduces a unique atmosphere of relaxation, harmony and relaxation. Fireplaces with a water jacket have been designed with ergonomics, functionality and ease of use in mind. In practice, this means fast, trouble-free cleaning. This applies to both the glass and the interior. In addition, the air curtain guarantees the so-called clean glass effect. A regularly cleaned fireplace retains its original appearance and functionality for many years. Particularly noteworthy is also the special design of the grate that enables rapid, effortless removal of ash. All models available in the offer are characterized by high thermal efficiency of over 80%, which directly translates into efficient operation and effective heating of rooms and running water.

 What else stands out about water jacket fireplaces available in the assortment of our store?

  • Prices - affordable so as not to strain the household budget.
  • For the production of the heat exchanger (water jacket), we use only high-quality boiler steel P265GH..
  • Another advantage is the damper intake responsible for smoothly regulating the air that enters the fireplace.
  • Universal design combined with subdued colors makes the fireplaces fit perfectly into any arrangement.

The best type of fuel for fireplaces with a water jacket is wood, the moisture content of which is in the range of 12, to 20%. Particularly recommended are deciduous species, such as hornbeam, birch and beech.

Fireplace insert with water jacket - safety and functionality

Each of water jacket fireplace was designed with the highest level of security in mind. The solutions used guarantee full protection of the household members. Particularly noteworthy is the ventilated handle, which effectively protects against burns when opening the door. In addition, the built-in coil is responsible for automatic cooling of the water jacket. Another safeguard is the reinforced door profile, which guarantees rigidity and stability. Also noteworthy is the method of manufacturing the water jacket itself. All welds were created using a precision welding robot. For this reason, the whole structure is characterized by solidity of strength. Fireplace inserts with a water jacket Available in our offer, they are suitable for both closed and open systems. In practice, this means versatile usability.

Fireplace with water jacket - ecological source of heat

In order to make the most efficient use of the heat from the combustion chamber, all fireplaces have been equipped with an efficient system responsible for the afterburning of flue gases. This solution makes it possible to achieve a higher temperature in the chamber. In addition, the water jacket is located above the hearth, thus ensuring high thermal efficiency of the entire system. Another benefit of having a water jacket fireplace is the possibility of connecting to a recuperation system. The closed combustion chamber is equipped with an independent system responsible for the supply of outside air. What are the key advantages of such a solution? First of all, efficient recovery of heat from the exhaust air. This is especially noticeable in winter, since the recuperator warms the air instead of cooling it. Another advantage is the reduction of costs associated with heating the house. In addition, such a solution improves thermal comfort, as well as providing constant ventilation of the rooms.

Fireplaces with water jacket in Hitze offer

All fireplaces in our store's product range meet ecological standards thanks to minimal emissions. Energy class A+, combined with Ecodesign, make fireplaces an ideal choice for anyone looking for an alternative source of heat. We offer models whose nominal power ranges from 10.3 kW, through 13.5 kW, 16 kW, 19 kW and 21 kW. The choice of fireplace should depend, among other things, on the size of the house. When placing an order, there are various types of glass and grilles to choose from. What's more, water jacket fireplaces can be equipped with additional raising legs. We also encourage you to take a look at the wide range of accessories that allow you to personalize your fireplace. If you have any questions about their operation, installation or use, feel free to contact us. Our experienced advisors will be happy to dispel any doubts and help you choose a specific model.

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