A characteristic feature double-sided fireplaces It has an extended combustion chamber that allows for the insertion of large solid fuel loads and provides a double-sided view of the fire. The tunnel-type insert makes them perfect for island or double-sided installations, which is why fireplaces of this type are highly sought after. Fireplaces Hitze fireplaces are not only an ecological and economical source of heat but also an elegant element of interior design that creates a blissful atmosphere, harmony, and a specific climate of relaxation. With their high energy efficiency and thermal efficiency, double-sided Hitze fireplaces have low fuel consumption while providing high heating performance. This combination allows for installation in both small and spacious homes.

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Double-sided fireplaces in the Hitze range

Only high-quality materials, such as P265GH boiler steel according to EN 10028-2 standard, were used in the production of fireplaces. Additionally, parts of the insert were manufactured using modern and highly precise CNC devices (edge presses, 2D and 3D lasers). The connections, on the other hand, were made using a welding robot, ensuring that all welds are not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable and consistent. The high quality of Hitze fireplaces guarantees trouble-free and, above all, safe use for many years.

Thanks to its increased mass, which accumulates heat much better, and its excellent heating performance, Hitze double-sided fireplaces are efficient and environmentally friendly heat sources for reducing heating bills. With their high thermal efficiency and energy class A, the double-sided models meet all the BImSchV II and ECODESIGN standards, making them very popular both at home and abroad.

Double-sided fireplaces from the Ardente line in the DUO version

Double-sided fireplaces The ARDENTE DUO line is equipped with an extremely practical cast iron grate. The tilting design means that cleaning the ash from the firebox is no problem at all. It is effortless and does not take up too much time. Further advantages of the ARDENTE DUO double-sided fireplaces are the two DECOR decorative panes characterised by full heat resistance. This type of glazing is suitable for temperatures as high as 800℃. In addition, specially designed steel doors ensure the rigidity and strength of the entire structure.

The clean glass system deserves special attention as it prevents the accumulation of pollutants. In practice, this means undisturbed observation of the firebox and minimizes the cleaning tasks associated with the fireplace. The clean glass system includes dual-sided air guides and curtains. This combination ensures that the glass remains clean, even with frequent use of the fireplace.

Other information about double-sided fireplaces

The double-sided fireplaces of the ARDENTE DUO series allow a wide range of possibilities for personalising the look, thanks to optional accessories. One of these is a grille made of steel and protected by powder coating, in the same colour as the insert. In addition, you can order Deco Elegance glazing on both sides with an additional inner pane. All Hitze double-sided fireplaces have been designed to be compatible with the recuperation system. The new guillotine type allows easy and unobstructed service access. The fireplaces are designed for efficient combustion of solid fuel such as seasoned wood. Its moisture content should be between 12% and 20%. Beech, birch and hornbeam burn perfectly. Fireplaces that allow two-sided viewing of the hearth are available in different nominal power and heating load ranges. In practice, this means that they can provide efficient heat sources in both small and medium-sized as well as spacious rooms.

Aesthetics and safety of Hitze double-sided fireplaces

Double-sided versions of Hitze fireplaces are designed to fit perfectly into both classic and modern as well as glamour style rooms. In addition to their heating function, the fireplaces also have a decorative function in the room. The use of high-quality materials, combined with precision workmanship, ensures that the fireplaces maintain their original heating parameters and appearance for many years. The airtight combustion chamber guarantees complete safety when using the fireplace. The steel door is fully resistant to very high temperatures. The average fuel consumption for each hour of operation of the fireplace depends on the nominal output and ranges from approximately 4.5 kg to approximately 6.8 kg.

Guarantee of reliability

All double-sided fireplaces from the ARDENTE DUO series are covered by a 5-year manufacturer's guarantee. Using the fireplaces as intended guarantees long and trouble-free operation, even with frequent use. All models have been made of top-quality materials, thanks to which double-sided fireplaces enable free and uninterrupted viewing of the fire for many years. Should you have any questions regarding double-sided fireplaces or other models available in the Hitze range, feel free to contact us by phone or email. Experienced advisors will be happy to answer all your questions and help you choose a fireplace or cooker to suit your particular room and user requirements.

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