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Bio fireplace is a practical and interesting alternative to traditional wood fireplacesSuch an appliance can be easily installed in places that do not allow smoke to escape from an ordinary fireplace, and it is convenient to use, leaves no ash and is environmentally friendly. In addition, fireplaces of this type are characterised by a very aesthetically pleasing appearance and high thermal efficiency. All these features make bio-fireplaces an increasingly popular choice among users looking for a tasteful decoration or an additional heat source.

How does a bio fireplace work?

A bio fireplace is a device fueled by alcohol-based fuel, most commonly liquid or gel ethanol. During the combustion process, it undergoes complete burning, without emitting smoke or leaving any ash behind - the only byproducts are very small amounts of carbon dioxide and water vapor. Due to these characteristics, bio fireplaces have a much simpler design compared to traditional wood-burning stoves, as they do not require chimney venting, ashtrays, or similar systems. This allows for their installation in apartment buildings, for example. Although the heating power of bio fireplaces is lower than that of solid fuel stoves, they have close to 100% efficiency since all the heat is released into the room where the device is located (instead of being lost through smoke). This enables... bio fireplace It can serve not only as a stylish decoration but also as an additional source of heat, capable of raising the temperature in the room by several degrees even on cold days.

Bio fireplaces for the living room: an interesting alternative to a traditional fireplace.

The absence of constructional limitations typical for traditional fireplaces allows for... Bio fireplaces can be installed in many surprising places.For example, in built-in installations, as furniture elements, on walls, in corners, inside fireplace niches, and even on balconies or terraces. The great advantage of bio fireplaces for living rooms or dining areas is their safety and ease of use - special safety systems prevent accidental spillage of ethanol, even in the event of accidental tipping of the device. There is also no need to collect and season fuel or dispose of ash: the fuel is available in a convenient gel or liquid form sold in cans or containers and burns completely, leaving only trace amounts of neutral gases.

Built-in bio fireplaces, wall-mounted, hanging, corner models - which one to choose?

Bio fireplaces are available in various design options, allowing each user to choose a model that suits them best. One of the most popular solutions is... German: Bioethanol-Kamine sind in verschiedenen Designvarianten erhältlich, sodass jeder Benutzer das Modell wählen kann, das am besten zu ihm passt. Eine der beliebtesten Lösungen ist... Built-in bio fireplaces with glass, installed in fireplace niches or special wall niches - they imitate a traditional fireplace in appearance, but are much more convenient to use and do not require the discharge of flue gases or the storage of fuel. A very interesting option is also Corner bio fireplaceswhich allow the fire to be exposed on two sides of the room. all-mounted bio fireplaces These are versions that have special brackets allowing the device to be hung in a chosen location. In addition to that, a popular option is... Freestanding bio fireplaces On the floor or table. The bio fireplace's combustion chamber does not need to be sealed during burning, which is why many models have an incomplete glass cover, covering only half or one-third of the height, which is a visually interesting solution.

Modern bio fireplaces in our offer.

In our assortment, you will find high-quality bio fireplaces that are characterized by excellent craftsmanship and undeniable aesthetic values. Our bio fireplaces are produced in accordance with the rigorous European standard EN 16647, which ensures the highest level of safety and ease of use. Among our range, we offer freestanding bio fireplaces in tabletop or floor versions, built-in bio fireplaces with glass panels, wall-mounted bio fireplaces, and more. Corner bio fireplaces and many more. In addition, you will also find many useful accessories for bio-fireplacesWe offer a wide range of products, such as bio ember or ceramic logs for the hearth. Thanks to the elegant, universal design and many practical technical solutions, the bio-fireplaces available in our offer are a perfect idea to add variety to the decoration of your home, flat or office.

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