Fireplace inserts


Fireplace inserts are available in many variants of nominal power, size and design. They are characterized by a variety of additional functions and the type of available accessories. The offer includes both wood-burning and gas-fired fireplace inserts, as well as those with a water jacket. High quality workmanship, attractive aesthetics and safe use make HITZE fireplace inserts an excellent investment for many years. The fireplace insert is not only an ecological and economical source of heat, but also creates a unique atmosphere thanks to the ability to observe the fire.


Wood-burning fireplace inserts are effective sources of heat and also have a decorative function. They are designed to burn seasoned wood from species such as birch, hornbeam or beech, while maintaining the appropriate fuel moisture in the range of 12% to 20%, which guarantees the highest efficiency. Fireplace inserts are divided into series, offering a variety of heating power. We offer ecological models that meet the standards of the Ecodesign and BlmSchV II directives, and are also adapted to the heat recovery system.


Hitze fireplace inserts are efficient, ecological heat sources with an aesthetic appearance and a guarantee of safe use. We offer models with a one-sided vision of the fire, two-sided models (for corner installation from the ALBERO, HST, STMA lines) and three-sided models (TRINITY line), enabling the observation of flames from anywhere in the room.

Wood-burning fireplace inserts offer a wide range of options for personalizing the appearance, including the choice of handle, grilles or Decor shaded glass. Selected models enable warm construction. Ease of use thanks to the clean glass and tilting grate systems (ARDENTE series), made of cast iron and a design that facilitates installation are other advantages.

Each series includes models with different nominal power and heating load range, from small to spacious rooms. High energy class and heating efficiency ensure economical operation.


TRINITY series with a maximum exposed view of the fire, three-sided structure and MAXVISION glass ensuring a natural appearance of the fireplace. ARDENTE DUO with its unique appearance and minimalist design fits perfectly into the loft and Scandinavian style. The ALBERO series offers various heating powers, heat-resistant ceramic glass and an air curtain. HST series with a grateless burner and the possibility of two-sided fire observation. STMA with an exhaust gas combustion system and CUBO fireplace cassettes with fans, which reduce the need for a large fireplace casing. An ideal solution for open fireplaces, ensuring effective heat distribution and optimization of fuel consumption. All our products are characterized not only by high quality workmanship thanks to advanced technologies such as CNC machining, 2D and 3D laser cutting and precise welding, but also by attention to detail and aesthetics. Thanks to this, Hitze fireplace inserts are not only a reliable source of heat, but also a decorative element that brings warmth and a unique atmosphere to the interior. We provide a wide range of accessories and personalization options so that everyone can find a solution perfectly suited to their needs and aesthetic preferences.

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