Freestanding fireplaces are efficient and environmentally friendly sources of heat. Combined with modern design, safety, and ease of use, they prove to be an interesting alternative to conventional counterparts. Modern free-standing fireplaces are casing-free, allowing for quick and hassle-free installation. They are perfect for both spacious and small rooms. We offer fireplaces that meet the rigorous BlmSchV II standards and the requirements of the European ECODESIGN directive.

Eco-friendly freestanding fireplaces

Our store offers a range of fireplaces that, despite their compact size, boast high thermal efficiency. We provide models with an energy class rating of A+, ensuring minimal emissions of gases and particles. These modern stoves are designed with ergonomics, functionality, and easy maintenance in mind. Additionally, the presence of a cast iron grate equipped with an independent air circulation system allows for quick and hassle-free ignition. Ash removal is facilitated by a traditional ash drawer. This solution guarantees convenience and, above all, user safety. Another advantage bio freestanding fireplaces features an advanced smoke backflow prevention system. Thanks to this, during fuel loading, the amount of smoke entering the room is reduced to an absolute minimum.

Advantages of freestanding fireplaces

Among the undeniable advantages free-standing fireplaces are characterized by high-quality craftsmanship, durability, and reliability. The solid and rigid construction is made of high-grade P265GH boiler steel. The flue pipe connection can be made either at the back or on top of the stove using a cast iron flue collar. In the case of rear connection, the upper part of the stove can be used for cooking on the heating plate. The glass deserves special attention, as it is made of heat-resistant ceramic glass with a maximum working temperature of up to 800°C. Furthermore, modern freestanding fireplace is equipped with a practical air control handle with full adjustability. Thanks to this feature, maintaining a clean glass is effortless. Another advantage is the use of two deflectors, ensuring efficient and environmentally friendly combustion. One is made of steel, while the other is ceramic.

Freestanding fireplaces - an additional source of heat

Ecological freestanding fireplaces are an efficient source of heat that can provide effective support to a heating system but cannot be used as the main heating source. Additionally, the fireplace's design and the materials it is made of effectively accumulate heat and radiate it into the room. The low weight eliminates the need for additional reinforcement of the floor even when installing the stove on an upper level. In the case of room renovations or the desire to change the fireplace's location, it can be done easily. Free-standing stoves can be used in practically any location where there is a connection to a chimney, for example, in the living room. Burning in a freestanding stove allows for a significant reduction in heating costs. Depending on the temperature and frequency of fireplace use, savings can range from several to several dozen percent.

Installation of a freestanding fireplace

It is worth mentioning that there is nothing preventing the installation of a freestanding fireplace in an already furnished room. In the case of traditional fireplaces, installation usually takes place during the furnishing stage of the living room or another room. This is one of many advantages that speak in favor of choosing freestanding stoves. For burning in a freestanding stove, it is best to use wood with a moisture content ranging from 12% to 20%. If the wood is too moist, the burning efficiency is lower. Hardwood such as birch, beech, and hornbeam burns exceptionally well.

Practical information about freestanding fireplaces

The key benefit of owning a freestanding stove is the heating effect achieved through high thermal efficiency. Hitze's product range includes models with a nominal power of 5.5 kW and a thermal efficiency level of 78%. Additionally, the heating capacity range is between 2.5 and 5.7 kW. Particularly noteworthy is the very low value in the lower range of power. In practice, this means the ability to easily heat even small spaces. In addition to high efficiency freestanding fireplaces Hitze stands out with attractive design. Combined with muted colors, they fit perfectly into practically any interior design. The presence of a freestanding fireplace creates a unique atmosphere, a feeling of relaxation and harmony. The large rectangular glass with dimensions of 316 mm x 207 mm allows for observing the flames from virtually any angle. It's worth mentioning that when properly used, Hitze freestanding stoves maintain their original appearance and properties for years. Additionally, they are highly reliable, even with frequent use.

Modern freestanding fireplace - what else is worth knowing about it?

Freestanding fireplace in the living room is an excellent idea to enhance the interior decor and provide efficient heating. It works perfectly during transitional seasons. On autumn and spring days, sometimes just raising the room temperature a few degrees is enough to achieve the desired thermal comfort. The ability to quickly ignite and efficiently distribute heat makes it freestanding fireplaces Hitze is perfectly suited for this purpose. To ensure safety and optimal performance, the stove should be connected to a separate chimney flue. It's important to ensure that the chimney flue not only has the correct dimensions but also a proper design. Another important consideration is the protection of the immediate vicinity of the combustion chamber. Under no circumstances should flammable objects be placed there. Additionally, the area around the combustion chamber must be protected against potential fire sparks. In our store's assortment, you can find fireplace with water jacketbut also a wide range of accessories. If you have any questions about the installation or maintenance of your free-standing cookers, please do not hesitate to contact us. We provide full support both before, during and after the sale.

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