Energy class:
  • Dredged hearth.
  • Innovative smoke backstop during fuel loading.
  • The air curtain is regulated by a separate damper.
  • Traditional ash drawer.
  • Adjustable feet.
  • Steel door frame.
  • It is possible to lead the flue gases out of the top or back of the stove.

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The LEGNO free-standing wood-burning fireplace is distinguished by a wide range of heat load ranging from 2 kW to even 7 kW. The narrow design of the fireplace fits perfectly into modern trends in home arrangement. The LEGNO free-standing stove is made of, among others, made of high-quality boiler sheet (grade P265GH). In turn, the side walls owe their strength to additional bends that stiffen the entire structure. The heart of the LEGNO fireplace is made of a proprietary material whose heat accumulation properties guarantee a high temperature of wood combustion.

Freestanding stove LEGNO - precise control of the combustion process

LEGNO free-standing fireplace allows for precise control of the entire fuel combustion process by using two dampers. One is located directly under the door. Its task is to precisely control the so-called primary air. In turn, the second damper is located directly above the door. Thanks to it, the user can control the operation of the air curtain. The dampers perform not only a practical but also a decorative function thanks to the decorative and ergonomic handles.

Another advantage of LEGNO freestanding stoves is the advanced and, above all, effective system to prevent smoke from escaping into the room when loading wood. The fireplace doors are made of high-quality steel. They feature fireplace ceramics (polished on both sides), which are designed for safe operation at temperatures up to 800°C.

Free-standing fireplace LEGNO - safe use and easy cleaning

Directly above the chamber in which the fuel is burned (seasoned wood), there is a special system of deflectors, which are responsible for the maximum length of the path that the exhaust gases must overcome. This solution increases the thermal efficiency of the fireplace. In addition, the LEGNO free-standing stove is equipped with a clean glass system, thanks to which the glass remains clean even when the fireplace is used intensively. Another advantage of the free-standing LEGNO stove is the cast iron grate. Directly under the grate, there is a traditionally styled drawer with an ashtray. There is no need to open the door to empty the ash pan. This solution guarantees comfortable cleaning.

Freestanding stove LEGNO - key advantages

The construction of the LEGNO free-standing fireplace was designed to allow easy and, above all, fast kindling. A cast iron grate equipped with an independent venting system guarantees trouble-free kindling. The combination of the compact design of the LEGNO freestanding stove and the wide range of heating power starting from low values makes it ideal for both small and medium-sized rooms. Further advantages of the fireplace are the various mounting options for the flue pipe, as well as the ability to safely use the top plate (this applies if the flue outlet is attached at the rear of the stove).

What else makes the LEGNO free-standing fireplace stand out?

Thanks to two deflectors, one of which is ceramic while the other is made of steel, the entire combustion process is efficient and environmentally friendly. The perfect quality and precision of LEGNO freestanding stoves were achieved thanks to high-tech 2D and 3D lasers, as well as press brakes. The use of modern CNC equipment guarantees excellent quality and, above all, repeatability. The aesthetic finish of the freestanding ovens was achieved thanks to programmable welding robots. In addition, free-standing stove LEGNO meets all the objectives of the Ecodesign Directive and the BlmSchV II i standard.

Energy class: A
Ecodesign +
BlmSchV II +
Nominal power (kW) 5,5
Heating load range [kW] 2,5-7
Thermal efficiency [%] 78
Pollen emissions at 13% O2 (g/m³) 0,035
CO emissions at 13% O2 (g/m³) 1,137
Flue gas temperature (°C) 220
Weight (kg) 84
Flue diameter [mm] 150
Glass measurements 207×316
Measurements (mm) 385 x 897 x 350

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