Find a Hitze partner
- not only in Poland!

HITZE partner showrooms and installers are available to customers in various locations in Poland and other European countries. This allows you to go to a nearby point of sale to buy your dream free-standing fireplace or fireplace insert and get the necessary help.
In order to ensure the highest quality of our services, we take care of relations with our dealers - we use only the best professionals in the industry and build contacts based on mutual trust. Thanks to the cooperation and appropriate service support we provide, together with our partners we are able to ensure customer satisfaction.
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Why should you choose a HITZE installer?

Thanks to the help Installer recommended by HITZE you can be sure that it was purchased by you fireplace or stove will be correctly fitted.

Why is it so important? Because thanks to this you will avoid dangerous situations, and you will also be able to use a reliable solution for many years.

Below you will find a map with available partner`s showrooms and construction companies - please feel free to contact the company of your choice where you will receive the right support!

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