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LYNX freestanding fireplaces are:

  • high durability and aesthetics for years thanks to the use of excellent materials, such as boiler steel P265GH;
  • energy savings - each LYNX freestanding fireplace provides highly efficient wood burning;
  • ecology and compliance with Eco-design standards, meaning low CO emissions, as well as excellent soot combustion parameters;
  • rozwiązania projektowe (np. możliwość montażu króćca zewnętrznego dolotu), pozwalające stosować kominki w domach z wentylacją mechaniczną;
  • aesthetic design thanks to high-temperature paint coating in matte black shade, stylish decorations, and the use of a fireplace glass that provides an incredible view of the fire.
Heat pipes increase the area of heat exchange and accumulation (from 3 to 6 pcs depending on the model)
Clean glass system curtain and airbag;
Steel door made of a special profile that guarantees stiffness and high temperature durability.
Cast iron flue ø200 mm with regulation 360º guarantees tight connection of the fireplace to the chimney duct and ensures proper burning in the fireplace.
A solid steel body "30% greater weight* key components made of high-quality boiler steel P265GH with a thickness of 5 mm
Two ceramic concrete deflectors optimizes burning process due to the increase of temperature inside the chamber.
DECOR ELEGANCE glass with print Optional double glass system.
Regulated feet in the range of 4 cm. allow positioning the fireplace insert securely and stably even on the unstable surface. ADDITIONAL OPTION: raising the feet in the height of +10 cm with adjustment +/- from 3 to 5 cm.
INTEGRATED AIR INLET The air supply from the outside is realized through a single stub pipe and expansion boxes that distribute air to individual primary and secondary air intake pipes with integrated dampers.
Hinged cast iron grate EASY CLEAN for the convenience of cleaning the hearth.
Afterburning system TURBO BURN increases thermal energy volume, reduces the emission of harmful substances to the environment and improves fuel saving
Ceramic insert SIZE+ Cartridge with enlarged, deep rectangular combustion chamber giving the possibility of large loads.

LYNX freestanding stove is available in several variants, primarily differing in dimensions and additional functionalities, such as an additional oven. However, these models share many common features - from energy class A+, through high combustion efficiency, to durable construction.

Versatile use of LYNX freestanding fireplaces

Individuals who want to place a fireplace inside their home often reserve space for it during the building's design phase. However, this is not always necessary. You can choose models that will easily fit into almost any space. A perfect example in this case is LYNX freestanding stoveIt is suitable for both open spaces and installation in wall niches. Its versatile application makes it an ideal solution for various types of interiors, regardless of their size or layout.

In the case of open spaces, LYNX freestanding fireplaces They provide an excellent source of heat and create an incredibly cozy atmosphere. With their modern design and high-quality finish, they become the centerpiece of any room, drawing attention. They can be elegantly placed in the center of a living room or recreational spaces, serving as a stylish decorative element even when not in use. On the other hand, adapting the construction, for example, freestanding fireplace LYNX B to be installed in a wall niche, allowing it to be discreetly integrated into the interior design of the living room, office, or bedroom.

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We have it in nature!

As the HITZE brand, we constantly implement innovative features in our products, improving user comfort and the efficiency of the fireplaces. Freestanding stoves LYNX również wyróżniają się nowoczesnymi rozwiązaniami. 

Jedną z kluczowych cech jest możliwość montażu w domach z rekuperacją, dzięki zastosowaniu króćca zewnętrznego dolotu powietrza. Kominek może korzystać z zewnętrznego źródła powietrza, co sprawia, że jest idealny dla współczesnych, energooszczędnych budynków.

Oven and fireplace in one, a unique feature of LYNX models

In the LYNX freestanding fireplace series, there is available LYNX O modelwith an additional oven function, distinguishing itself with a unique solution that combines the pleasure of heating the interior with the ability to prepare delicious dishes. Thanks to this, LYNX freestanding stove it will become the centerpiece of home life.

Each of LYNX freestanding fireplace is a refined, high-quality product that ensures comfortable, safe operation and excellent efficiency. If you have any questions related to specific models, we encourage you to get in touch. Our specialists will be happy to provide answers and practical advice.

High user comfort and easy installation of the LYNX fireplace

Another significant solution is the dual damper, allowing independent control of primary and secondary airflow. This enables precise combustion regulation, optimal wood utilization as fuel, and enhances user comfort. freestanding fireplace LYNX. It's also worth mentioning the possibility of connecting the flue system from the top or through the back wall of the body, providing flexibility in installation.

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