water jacket inserts

Modern fireplaces with water jacket ALBERO AQUASYSTEM are solutions recommended to all those who want to gain, on the one hand, a wonderful decoration of their living room, and on the other hand, effectively heat water in the central heating system - as a complement to the work of the boiler or stove, which is the main source of heating in the building. The inserts available in the HITZE range have special water jackets that collect heat from combustion. Thanks to them, it is possible to reduce the cost of heating the house by up to 40%!

Why a fireplace with ALBERO AQUASYSTEM water jacket?

Durability, cost-effectiveness, efficiency and modernity. Their bodies are made of boiler steel, the glass is made of heat-resistant glass and the combustion chamber is lined with ceramic concrete - thanks to this, the fireplaces are resistant to damage and reliable for many years. The high heating efficiency results from the use of deflectors which increase the temperature inside the chamber and a specially designed rear part of the body, which enables the supply of secondary air to the upper part of the fireplace and thus increases the efficiency of the device by burning the flue gases.

What's more, thanks to a special afterburning system, the insert is environment friendlyand its elegant, modern design will allow everyone to create a wonderful atmosphere in their home living room.

What is more, fireplaces with ALBERO AQUASYSTEM water jacket means:

  • a modern air curtain that reduces the build-up of dirt on the glass;
  • full safety, due to the airtight steel door, the coil protecting the jacket against overheating and the grate and ash container, which make cleaning the fireplace easier;
  • effective heating of water in the water jacket, thanks to the use of numerous flame tubes, which are responsible for this process;
  • various dimensions that allow you to install a water jacket fireplace in every living room;
  • wide range of adjustable power 5-27 kW.

ALBERO AQUASYSTEM series cartridges are 5 selected models with different powers and parameters, so each customer will find among them a solution perfectly suited to their needs!

Flue ø180/200/220 mm

guarantees tight connection of the fireplace to the chimney duct and ensures proper burning in the fireplace as well as increases the area of heat exchange.

Air curtain

reduces soot deposition on a fireplace glass pane ensuring ”clean glass” effect.

Steel door

made of a profile of increased rigidity which guarantees door tightness and strength.


protects the jacket against overheating.

Smoke tubes

they strengthen the process of heating the water in the water jacket.

Heater/water jacket ENERGY+

is made of 4 mm thickboiler steel.


Heat-resistant ceramic glass

resistant to the working temperature up to 800°C, optional available DECOR glass and double glass system.


Regulated feet in the range of 4 cm.

allow positioning the fireplace insert securely and stably even on the unstable surface. ADDITIONAL OPTION: raising the feet in the height of +10 cm with adjustment +/- from 3 to 5 cm.


Air inlet ø125 mm (1 adjustment lever)

the throttle regulates smooth airflow inside the fireplace.



optimizes burning process due to the increase of temperature inside the chamber.


The afterburning system

increases thermal energy volume, reduces the emission of harmful substances to the environment and improves fuel saving.


Combustion chamber

lined with ceramic concrete on the bottom, on the side walls and on the rear wall.


Grate and ash box

makes ash removal easier and gathers burnt wood residues.

Effective operation of ALBERO AQUASYSTEM? Only after proper installation!

ALBERO AQUASYSTEM are water jacket inserts with the best parameters, but their effectiveness and reliability is only possible if they are installed correctly. Therefore, we encourage you to use the services of a specialist who will ensure the proper operation of your fireplace and full safety of your household.

We also encourage you to contact our staff directly, who will answer all your questions and help you choose the right model of fireplace with a water jacket.

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