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CUBO fireplace cassettes are:

  • benefits of a fan unit that increases the amount of heat radiated into the room and ensures proper cassette cooling.
  • cooperation with the Hot Air Distribution System, thanks to the built-in option of connecting spigots in the cassette housing.
  • intuitive regulation during burning with a single primary (external) and second-ary air regulator in the afterburner and air curtain.
  • aesthetically concealed fans and their silent operation, controlled by tempera-ture-resistant automation.
  • optional air supply from the outside: installation of the intake from the bottom or back of the cassette.
  • the possibility of connecting the flue gas outlet from the centre of the com-bustion chamber so that the cassette can be used in existing open hearths.
Built-in possibility to connect the cassette
to the hot air distribution system (2 x ø100 mm).
New door design with minimalist elegant Decor glass.
The flue gas exhaust mounted from the centre
of the combustion chamber ø 150 mm allows for installation in existing open hearths.

The new air supply and circulation system
is a comprehensive solution that guaran-tees ecological wood burning and a beautifully clean vision of fire.

Massive and durable combustion chamber
made of Akuceram significantly affects the ecology of wood burning
An automatic fan unit ensures
the circulation of warm air in the room*.
*optionally, ask the seller.
Intuitive control over combustion with a single lever throttle.
The deepened, grateless fireplace
is safe and allows for larger wood loads.
Air intake ø100 mm
(rear or bottom mounted).

Building a fireplace on the basis of a cassette-type insert is an exceptionally economical solution due to the cost of purchasing the appliance itself, as well as the ease of installation and savings resulting from the use of fewer materials.

CUBO - smaller economic size

Installation of the CUBO cassette using non-flammable materials allows to significantly reduce the size of the casing, and the built-in option of connecting the hot air distribution system allows to effectively heat adjacent rooms. The CUBO cassette is suitable for heating loads from 4 kW, which makes it an ideal choice for energy-saving houses..

The cassette is ideally suited to modern household appliances & audio/video devices. Beautiful glazing on the whole door is due to the application of an elegant black print on the glass of the fireplace, very popular in the style of modern interiors. At the same time, it does not limit the vision of the fire, which picturesquely fills the whole chamber of the fireplace.

Not only aesthetics,
but also comfort and flexibility

We have it in nature!
CUBO fireplace cassettes, as a grateless fireplace stove, are designed to be cleaned with an ash hoover. The deepened bottom plate allows for larger loads without the risk of firewood falling out. What is more, an effective air curtain and air control guarantee that the glass is kept clean throughout the entire burning process, even when firing up and extinguishing the insert. This is also due to the smaller cubic capacity of the chamber itself, which lined with accumulation and refractory Akuceram material significantly increases the temperature in the combustion chamber.
High temperature is undoubtedly the most important factor influencing the purity of each combustion process.

It is also worth to pay attention to the range of regulated power of this fireplace. The nominal power is 8 kW, but the cassette works optimally in the range from 4 kW. This makes it an ideal choice for smaller rooms or energy-saving houses.

CUBO air cassettes

CUBO fireplace cassettes are an ideal choice for installations that use existing open fireplaces. For this purpose, the small size of the cassette's construction and the possibility of installing the flue gas exhaust from the centre of the combustion chamber are crucial. At the same time, the CUBO models make maximum use of front doors and their modern glazing. Another advantage of the CUBO model is the possibility to force air circulation around the cassette (cooling function) and to enhance the heating effect in the room.

CUBO fireplace cassettes - a simple recipe for a safe and warm home

The purchase of a CUBO fireplace stove is a long-term investment and an opportuni-ty to heat rooms in an economical and ecological way. Due to its durability and time-less beauty, it will allow everyone to gain a wonderful climate in their own home.

Should you have any questions or doubts, please contact HITZE specialists - they will provide professional advice and help you to install the cartridge correctly.

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