Modern garden fireplaces they have both a decorative and functional function. It is a great alternative to a traditional barbecue or campfire. It will be perfect not only in the garden, but also on the terrace and patio. Garden fireplaces enable the safe and effective combustion of charcoal, wood and charcoal briquettes. High quality and precision of workmanship, combined with the use of high-quality materials, guarantee a long service life, even in the case of intensive use. Depending on the specific model, fireplaces can be additionally equipped with a grate and a functional shelf. Optional accessories are made of high-grade stainless steel.

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Garden fireplace - an exclusive garden decoration

Each garden fireplaces Brands Hitze has been designed in such a way as to fully replace the functionality of a traditional grill and at the same time constitute an exclusive decoration. Such a combination makes modern garden fireplaces fit perfectly into any garden, gazebo or patio, providing an additional attraction during autumn, spring and summer evenings. Another strengths garden fireplaces are a high level of safety of use and preservation of the original appearance and functionality for a long time. We offer fireplaces and garden fireplaces in a universal black color. Their construction has been designed in such a way as to ensure safe and comfortable use at the same time. This combination makes garden fireplaces they are an aesthetic and functional garden decoration, providing pleasant warmth during cool evenings. In addition, they allow you to prepare tasty grilled dishes. We have a modern machine park, which, combined with many years of experience in the processing of boiler steel, guarantees high quality materials and precise execution of all garden furnaces. Each stage of production is completed with meticulous quality control. Only after meeting all the standards, the final product goes on sale.

Garden fireplaces available from Hitze

In this category, we offer garden fireplaces made of high-quality boiler steel (P265GH), which guarantees a long service life even in the event of intensive use. All furnaces are distinguished by stability, easy cleaning and efficient fuel combustion. It deserves special attention garden fireplaces with an openwork pattern that attracts attention with its unusual shape and extremely precise finish. Modern garden fireplaces are efficient sources of heat that make cool evenings more pleasant and at the same time introduce an original atmosphere and mood. You can choose models equipped with a grate made of high-quality stainless steel. The removable upper part of the firebox guarantees easy access to the grate. In practice, this means the possibility of using the hearth as a traditional grill. Garden fireplaces with a grate, it can be fed with fuel weighing from 3 kg to 3.5 kg at a time, so there is no need for continuous refueling. Total mass of the model Hogar it is about 32 kg, thanks to which the garden fireplace with a cover is stable. Another suggestion is garden fireplaces Torre, which also has utility and decorative functions. Perfect for garden, terrace and patio. Same as fireplaces Hogar, the fireplace can run on charcoal, wood and charcoal briquettes. Thanks to the functional and spacious recess for solid fuel, the use of the fireplace, even for many hours, is practically maintenance-free. The fireplace casing is made of high-quality boiler steel resistant to high temperatures. The total weight of the garden fireplace is approximately 73 kg. Combined with the following dimensions: height 2,000 mm x base length 503 x base width 376 mm, it is an effective source of heat to make cool days pleasant. One-time feeding of the fireplace with solid fuel weighing up to 3.5 kg reduces the need for continuous refueling to a minimum. Particularly noteworthy is the practical shelf intended for, among others, for the preparation of dishes. Thanks to it, there is no need to use an additional cutting table or season the grilling products. In addition, the shelf can be used for the temporary storage of food or spices.

Additional equipment for the garden hearth

All garden fireplaces available in our shop's product range can be additionally equipped with optional accessories. In the case of the Hogar model, it is possible to order a grill made of stainless steel. This makes it possible to grill both meat and non-meat dishes. The design of the grate fits perfectly into the firebox and ensures easy cleaning. On the other hand garden fireplaces Torre it can be optionally equipped with a front shelf, which is also made of stainless steel. Another optional accessory is the grate that allows you to prepare tasty dishes. In summary, a garden fireplace can only be equipped with an additional front shelf or just a grate. There is also an option to order a fireplace with both a grate and an additional shelf. Possibility of individual adaptation of accessories to garden fireplaces allows you to adjust its functionality to the way of use. If you have any questions or concerns regarding garden fireplaces or their use, please contact us by e-mail or telephone. Experienced advisors will gladly explain any doubts and help you choose a furnace tailored to the specific expectations and needs of users.

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