Patio heater is an effective and at the same time completely safe source of heat powered by gas. It is perfect not only in the garden, but also on the terrace, balcony and patio. High heating power, combined with low fuel consumption, make the gas garden heater pleasant for chilly evenings by providing thermal comfort. In addition, it introduces a unique mood. The use of high-quality materials, combined with precise workmanship, makes it gas patio heater they retain their original appearance and functionality for a long time, even with frequent use.

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Garden gas heater - a guarantee of safety

Gas garden heater vibes is an economical and ecological source of heat. Unlike solid fuel heaters in the form of pellets, coal or wood, it is much easier to clean. Effective gas combustion does not deposit soot and other dirt. Moreover gas patio heater, even when working with maximum efficiency, it does not produce smoke, so it can be successfully used in virtually any place. Meticulous control of each stage of heaters production, combined with the use of high-quality materials resistant to high temperatures, guarantees full safety of use. In addition, the heaters are equipped with effective and reliable safety systems that shut off the gas supply in the event of potentially dangerous situations. Such solutions ensure full safety of not only people and animals in the immediate vicinity of the heater, but also elements of infrastructure. Gas patio heater are powered directly from the cylinder located in the housing. Moreover, the construction of the heaters has been designed in such a way as to prevent direct contact with flames. Additionally, it is worth noting that gas cylinders should be bought and replaced only at authorized points. Why is it so important? Primarily for security reasons. The cylinders available at legal exchange points have a valid certificate. This means that they do not have any defects, leaks and damage that could be potentially dangerous during use.

Heating umbrella - the right temperature also on cooler days

Heating umbrellas available in the store's assortment Hitze They are distinguished not only by high heating efficiency, but also by an aesthetic appearance. This combination makes them useful and decorative. Moreove heating umbrella it has a built-in fully safe system enabling precise gas control. In everyday use, this means the ability to adjust the heater's performance to the individual preferences of users and the ambient temperature. Heating umbrella It is perfect at any time of the year, providing thermal comfort even on colder days. The minimum operating temperature of the heater depends on the specific model, as well as the type of fuel burned.

Gas heater for terrace and balcony

Hitze gas heaters, thanks to their stable structure, they are perfect for use on terraces, balconies, as well as on the plot and in the garden. Efficient gas combustion reduces the frequency of cylinder replacement to a minimum. All models available in our offer are distinguished by simple, virtually maintenance-free and intuitive use. Gas patio heater they warm up instantly, so you don't have to wait too long for the appropriate level of thermal comfort to be achieved. Other advantages are quiet operation and maintenance to a minimum. It is also worth mentioning that gas heaterunlike models using solid fuel in the form of wood or briquette, they do not generate any odors. In practice, this means that they can be used anywhere, without the risk of e.g. smoke in the house or gazebo. In a situation where the gas in the cylinder is completely exhausted, it is enough to replace it with a full one (it literally takes a moment) and you can still enjoy the pleasant temperature. The entire replacement process does not require the use of any special tools or technical skills. All you need to do is follow the instructions for use attached to each heater for a safe and trouble-free replacement.

Additional information about gas heaters for the terrace and balcony

All Gas Heater available in the store's assortment Hitze They are distinguished by increased resistance to weather conditions. In addition, the entire structure is effectively protected against corrosion. This combination guarantees a long service life and reliable operation. All models are certified, so their use does not involve any risk. Gas patio heater have been designed not only with usability and efficiency in mind, but also with aesthetics, thanks to which they fit perfectly into any garden, terrace or balcony arrangement. When choosing a specific garden heater model, pay attention to its heating power. The larger it is, the more efficiently the device works, and thus it effectively heats a larger area. Smaller heaters are perfect for small terraces and balconies, as well as in other places where the amount of free space is limited. If you have questions about garden heater, including heating umbrellas, please contact us by e-mail or telephone. Experienced advisers will be happy to help you choose the right model and dispel any doubts regarding the use of garden heaters.

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