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FUENTE L is an elegant gas patio heater that gives a beautiful visual effect of flames reminiscent of a traditional wood hearth.
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Do you want to make your terrace different from all in the neighborhood? Or maybe you are the owner of a restaurant where the terrace plays a key role and you want to stand out from the competition. You've come to the right place! The FUENTE L heater is the perfect solution for large commercial spaces and more. 

Gas patio heater vibes

FUENTE L is an elegant gas patio heater, giving a beautiful visual effect flames reminiscent of a traditional wood hearth. Thanks to its unusual rectangular shape, it creates a kind of tasteful wall with a fire, over 100 wide and 120 cm high, which can separate individual spaces or create intimate relaxation zones. Despite its decorative character, this gas patio heater has a very important function. As the name suggests, it gives warmth to people who are near it, thanks to which it prolongs cold spring, summer or autumn evenings. The warmth combined with the atmosphere that FUENTE L gives you is a guarantee of a successful evening on the terrace of any restaurant, hotel or home.

Advantages of FUENTE L gas patio heaters

FUENTE L have a dedicated linear gas burner which makes the flame forms along the entire surface of the hearth, creating a wall of fire, not individual flames. Its hearth is sheltered from the wind on the two longest sides. The glass used in gas patio heaters FUENTE L is made of tempered glass, dedicated to work at high temperatures. The flame emitted by the hearth does not smoke or dirty the windows, thanks to which your vision of fire is always perfect.

Operation of the gas patio heater - FUENTE L

Ignition vented The ignition of the gas patio heater FUENTE L takes no longer than 5 secondsRegardless of the solution you choose – remote control or manual operation. With just one click, you can enjoy the glow and warmth of the fire. The flame of the patio heater is adjustable. 7 levels of intensity. Changing settings and turning off the fireplace is possible at any time. FUENTE L has an elevated structure, which allows Its housing can store up to 3 bottles of 11 kg each., which can be connected to a common reducer. This way, the heater can work longer.

Automatic and intuitive control panel is hidden directly on the gas patio heater. To operate it, you do not need to remove the side panels or open the inspection door. Just select the parameters you are interested in and admire the tempting view of the fire. However, if you value comfort and need more freedom, you can opt for additional remote operation of the heater using the remote control.

The FUENTE L patio heater can be easily leveled with adjustable feet and attached to the ground, which will prevent the device from tipping over.

Flame shielding panels are made of tempered glass which is not only heat resistant, but also characterized by increased resistance to mechanical damage.

Gas heaters - safe in every respect

Modern control system, we equipped with thermocouple sensor, which cuts off the gas supply to the device in the event of flame failure. Considered design and innovative solutions, combined with meticulous quality control guarantee trouble-free operation and safe use of FUENTE L.

Fuel type Gas mixture propane butane, propane gas
Nominal power (kW) 12,3
Minimum power (kW) 4,5
Maximum gas consumption (kg/h) 0,77
Minimum gas consumption (kg/h) 0,28
Fabrication material P265GH boiler steel according to EN 10028-2
Weight (kg) 93
Width x height x depth measurements (mm) 1079 x 1200 x 438
Control valve Anstoss TESC01
Control Control panel / Remote control (optional)
Power supply Batteries / Power adapter (optional)
Guarantee 2 years

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