Wood-burning air heating fireplaces

Air Fireplace Inserts

Air-jacketed fireplace inserts They can effectively heat not only the room they are in but practically the entire house. An efficient hot air distribution system consisting of channels is designed to effectively distribute heat in a gravitational or forced manner. The construction of the fireplaces available in our range has been adapted for recuperation systems. We offer a wide selection of modern and economical air fireplaces that differ in heating parameters, additional functions, construction, appearance, application, and accessories. Our extensive assortment makes choosing a fireplace tailored to a specific room, as well as user expectations, effortless.

Efficient and ecological air-jacketed fireplace inserts

Air fireplace inserts Available in our assortment, they have been manufactured from the highest quality materials, distinguishing themselves with durability and reliability. Combined with high heating efficiency, easy and safe operation, they are an excellent choice for those who appreciate a cozy atmosphere, family warmth, and the beautiful vision of fire. Air heating from the fireplace is an ecological and, above all, an economical way to achieve thermal comfort. Fireplaces available in the Hitze assortment meet all currently applicable emission standards. Additionally, they comply with the provisions of the BImSchV II and ECODESIGN directives. Efficient solutions in the form of an effective flue gas combustion system guarantee not only high energy efficiency but also low solid fuel consumption. Another advantage of the fireplaces is their attractive design, which fits perfectly into both traditionally and modernly styled rooms.

Hitze Air Fireplaces They stand out for their high thermal efficiency and energy class. High-quality craftsmanship guarantees not only the tightness of the combustion chamber but also the aesthetic appearance of all joints. High-grade boiler steel is used for the production of the insert jacket. Meanwhile, the spectacular vision of fire is ensured by fire-resistant ceramic glass characterized by complete resistance to very high temperatures.

Air-jacketed fireplace inserts They have been designed to provide maximum user comfort. One of such solutions is the clean glass system, which even with frequent fireplace use ensures that no pollutants accumulate on the surface. This solution not only ensures an attractive appearance and the ability to observe the fire undisturbed but also minimizes cleaning-related tasks.

Air heating from the fireplace is achieved by burning solid fuel, namely wood from seasoned trees such as birch, beech, and hornbeam. The correct fuel moisture content should fall within the range of 12% to 20%. The regulation of the amount of air supplied to the fireplace is done through a specially designed damper. 

Additionally, fireplaces are characterized by easy installation. There is the option of adjusting the legs (smooth and stepwise). Selected models are equipped with an adjustable cast iron damper and allow for changing the direction of door opening. 

Air fireplace inserts available in the Hitze offer

In each category, you can find models characterized, among other things, by different nominal power and dimensions. The TRINITY line is distinguished by an extremely efficient, three-sided design that guarantees a beautiful vision of fire. The minimalist finishing style, involving the reduction of steel elements, makes the TRINITY series perfectly fit into modern-style interiors. 

On the other hand, airborne fireplace inserts Tunnel models from the ARDENTE DUO series work exceptionally well for islands and partition walls. The combination of above-average craftsmanship and aesthetic appearance ensures versatile use.

Air fireplace inserts The ARDENTE series stands out for its high energy efficiency, easy operation, and convenient use. Single-sided air inserts from ARDENTE are available in five sizes, making it easy to choose a model that fits a specific room.

We also offer air-jacketed fireplaces from the ALBERO series, which work perfectly in both commercial and residential spaces. One of the many advantages of ALBERO fireplaces is the economical burning of wood and the large amount of heat generated. 

Air-jacketed fireplaces by Hitze - other assortment

In the Hitze assortment, there are also air inserts from the HST series that serve both as room heating and decorative elements. HST air fireplaces are designed for shallow installations, making them ideal for use as a recreational fireplace. On the other hand, the economical STMA air inserts are intended for those seeking a low price, attractive appearance, and simple design. Special attention is also deserved by the CUBO fireplace cassettes designed for existing fireplaces characterized by an open construction. The cassettes offer the possibility of so-called forced air circulation. Additionally, their installation enhances the heating effect in the room.

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