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ARDENTE DUO fireplace cassettes are:

  • maximum safety in use, thanks to a ventilated handle, a muted, reinforced and tight proLIFT guillotine and an integrated air intake with two dampers;
  • solid and trouble-free connection of the chimney, resulting from the use of a 360º cast iron flue pipe;
  • easy cleaning, thanks to the EASY CLEAN cast iron hinged grate;
  • adjustable feet (up to +4 cm) to ensure stability of the fireplace;
  • the possibility of larger loads, and thus less frequent adding of wood;
  • no emissions of harmful exhaust fumes and therefore full environmental compatibility of the product.
Cast iron flue ø200 mm with regulation 360º

guarantees tight connection of the fireplace to the chimney duct and ensures proper burning in the fireplace.

A solid steel body

30% higher weight*
* In comparison with the models from the Albero line.

Two ceramic concrete deflectors

optimizes burning process due to the increase of temperature inside the chamber.

Guillotine proLIFT with service access

2 types of service access depending on the size of the cartridge.

Heat pipes

increase the area of heat exchange and accumulation (from 3 to 6 pcs depending on the model)

Clean glass system

Two-way air steering with air curtain.

Steel door

made of a special profile that guarantees stiffness and high temperature durability.

DECOR ELEGANCE glass with print

Optional double glass system.

Regulated feet

in the range of 4 cm. allow positioning the fireplace insert securely and stably even on the unstable surface. ADDITIONAL OPTION: raising the feet in the height of +10 cm with adjustment +/- from 3 to 5 cm.

Hinged cast iron grate EASY CLEAN

for the convenience of cleaning the hearth.

Afterburning system TURBO BURN

increases thermal energy volume, reduces the emission of harmful substances to the environment and improves fuel saving

Ceramic insert SIZE+

Cartridge with enlarged, deep rectangular combustion chamber giving the possibility of large loads.


The air supply from the outside is realized through a single stub pipe and expansion boxes that distribute air to individual primary and secondary air intake pipes with integrated dampers.

Discussing Ardente Duo fireplace inserts, a number of other features can be mentioned. First of all, the structures are completely safe for users thanks to a number of protection against burns. The steel door does not deteriorate under the influence of temperature and maintains its rigidity even under difficult conditions. The inserts do not cause assembly problems thanks to the possibility of adjusting the base and the universal diameter of the chimney outlet. The cartridges can be loaded with more fuel at a time, which minimizes maintenance.
A wide range of adjustable power (6-28.5 kW) will allow everyone to choose the ideal solution that will provide maximum thermal comfort without the risk of overheating the room.

Ardente Duo home warmth and unique design

Fireplace inserts are designed to heat rooms, but also create a unique atmosphere in them. Double glazing in inserts Ardente Duo gives an interesting visual effect that will complement the modern interior. In addition, placing the insert inside the partition wall will enable the use of heat in two rooms at the same time. Ardente Duo fireplace inserts they will facilitate the arrangement of orangery, winter gardens or the implementation of other, also unusual, arrangement ideas.

In addition to the aesthetics of natural flames, the contribution Ardente Duo Hitze It also surprises with its design. The minimalist shape fits perfectly into many modern arrangements. It is perfect for rooms decorated in a Scandinavian and loft style. An elegant decor on a steel frame will also work well in glamor arrangements. Ardente Duo fireplace insert is part of many fashionable arrangement projects presented in trade magazines.

Excellent technical parameters of the Ardente Duo structure

We have it in nature!

Not only the appearance of fireplace inserts is important, but also their efficiency. In the field Ardente Duo fireplace insert is not inferior to competition. The steel body is responsible for the durability of the structure, which additionally extends the time of keeping heat. In addition, the simple structure of the cast iron grate with regular shapes facilitates the removal of ash. Thanks to this Ardente Duo Hitze it will be easier to keep clean.
The combustion process itself is very efficient because it is carried out at high temperature. In the case of cartridges Ardente Duo deflectors made of ceramic concrete are responsible for this, which guide the flow of gases. In turn, TURBO BURN is responsible for the appropriate level of thermal energy. A set of modern accessories also allows you to extend the burning time and minimize material losses. This makes the cartridge very economical. The absence of troublesome exhaust fumes also places it among ecological products.

ARDENTE DUO tunnel fireplace inserts

For people who value a combination of high quality and unique aesthetics, Hitze has prepared unique Ardente Duo fireplace inserts. These are durable air tunnel inserts made with the use of the latest technological solutions. Contributions Ardente Duo Hitze have a minimalist look. Glazing on both sides offers great possibilities in interior design. Inserts are irreplaceable when creating islands or installing a fireplace inside partition walls.

Made for thosewho appreciate above-average quality and luxury in your home.

ADENTE DUO tunnel inserts - the way to family warmth and a beautiful home

The purchase of the ARDENTE DUO fireplace insert is a long-term investment and an opportunity to heat the rooms in an economical and ecological way. These are the most advanced air inserts in the HITZE offer, which, due to their durability and timeless beauty, will allow everyone to gain a wonderful climate in their own home. airborne fireplace inserts in the HITZE range, which, due to their durability and timeless beauty, will allow everyone to gain a wonderful atmosphere in their own home.

Should you have any questions or doubts, please contact HITZE specialists - they will provide professional advice and help you to install the cartridge correctly.

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