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The FUENTE I gas patio and garden heater is, in the simplest terms, an elegant, high bar table with a round wooden top, in the middle of which there is a hearth.
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Wondering how to attract guests to your garden or terrace on a spring or autumn evening? Nothing easier! Warm up the atmosphere, turn up the atmosphere and create an attractive space for conversation by buying a gas garden heater for a restaurant, which also serves as a table - FUENTE I. It is a model that we have created for all hoteliers and restaurateurs, so that they can make their guests' stay in their premises more pleasant. What's more, it is a solution that you can successfully power both with a gas cylinder or a home gas installation powered by propane gas.


Heating and lighting in one, i.e. the FUENTE I gas heater

The FUENTE I gas patio and garden heater is simply an elegant, high bar table with a round, a wooden table top, in the middle of which a hearth is placed. For safety, it is covered with an openwork pattern.

Pleasant warmth that is created around the heater is felt directly in its surroundings, thanks to which even several people can comfortably warm up with it. It is also facilitated by the form of a slender conference table with a spacious top, on which we can easily place snacks, drinks or snacks. 

When connected to an 11 kg cylinder, it can work continuously for up to 196 hours, which is more than 8 days. In each case, we can set the power of its work and the height of the flame, which can be adjusted up to 7 degrees of height.


An original solution for unusual spaces - FUENTE I

Gas garden heater is the perfect solution for restaurants and hotels that care about the style, appearance, but above all the comfort of their guests. FUENTE I combines decorative, heating and utility properties, it is above all an elegant piece of furniture that gives warmth. When designing it, we focused not only on the heating function, but also on a practical solution - a table, which works great in all dining establishments.

Due to the constant outdoor exposure of the device and the frequent use of FUENTE I, possible every evening, even throughout the year, we have equipped it with reliable, reputable automation from one of the leading European manufacturers, combining it with our proprietary burner design. This combination gave a natural vision of fire that enlivens and diversifies any space. 


How to operate the gas heater for FUENTE I restaurant?

The gas heater can be operated manually in two ways, using the built-in panel or remotely from the remote control. Regardless of which option you choose, the heater will start working within 5 seconds. Each way of operation is intuitive and quick to learn. Regardless of whether it will be operated by one person or several, no one should have any problems with turning it on, off, or adjusting the power and height of the beam. As in other devices of this type, you can set 7 different flame intensity options.


Build quality and safety 

Steel parts of the gas heater They are coated with a special paint coatingwhich protects them from corrosion. The table top is made of seasoned and impregnated wood, covered with high-quality varnish designed to protect outdoor wooden furniture. All connecting elements are hidden inside the heaterwhich limits their direct contact with moisture. Burner przetłumacz na język angielki, niemiecki, rosyjski i francuski:" made of boiler plate. It has a more durable structure compared to regular steel and is more resistant to temperature fluctuations.  

For gas heaters used in a restaurant, it is best to attach them to the floor. This will guarantee safe use of the device among guests who may lean against it or, in a fit of unbridled enthusiasm, knock or fall over more strongly. If the flame goes out as a result of various inappropriate actions, e.g. tipping over, getting wet or intentionally blown out, the thermocouple sensor installed in the gas heater will completely cut off the gas from the burner. Thus, you have a guarantee of your and your guests' safety.

Fuel type Gas mixture propane butane, propane gas
Nominal power (kW) 4,3
Minimum power (kW) 0,9
Maximum gas consumption (kg/h) 0,28
Minimum gas consumption (kg/h) 0,06
Fabrication material P265GH boiler steel according to EN 10028-2
Weight (kg) 19
Width x height x depth measurements (mm) 600 x 1270 x 600
Control valve Anstoss TESC01
Control Control panel / Remote control (optional)
Power supply Batteries / Power adapter (optional)
Guarantee 2 years

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