Table top bio-fireplace
  • Modern and stylish design
  • Multi-faceted vision of fire
  • Decorative glazing as standard
  • Clean burning without smoke
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Device ideal for table/countertop
  • Made in accordance with EN 16647
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SOCA bioethanol fireplace It's a modern and stylish fireplace Freestanding powered by bioethanolwhich is capable of creating an amazing atmosphere in any room it is installed in. Due to its stable construction and compact dimensions SOCA bioethanol fireplace, is designed for installation on tables and countertops. Thanks to the classic combination of black powder-coated steel and transparent heat-resistant ceramic, SOCA bioethanol fireplace It will successfully fit into any interior design.

Compact construction bio fireplace and its low weight make the device fully mobile, and the proprietary square biocontainer combined with four panes provides an amazing vision of fire. SOCA bio fireplace is equipped with dedicated screensaver for immediate shutdown of the device. The upper part of the biocontainer has been marked with clear pictograms affecting the safety of using the biofireplace. The biocontainer itself has a indicator of its maximum filling with biofuel and absorbent insert protecting the biofireplace from spilling fuel in case of accidental tilting of the device.

The body of the bio fireplace is made of boiler sheet P265, on which high-temperature fireplace paint, resistant to temperatures up to 600°C. SOCA is equipped as standard with four panes made of polished on both sides fireplace glass 4 mm thick, resistant to temperatures up to 800 °C. Glass increases the aesthetics of the device itself as well as protects its hearth. Installation and removal of the glazing is intuitiveand does not require any additional tools from the user.

SOCA biofireplace is modern and compact design, designed for quick and trouble-free installation directly on the table or countertop. HITZE can be additionally equipped with a number of decorative elements, including ceramic wood, various types of decorative stones, or original fiber imitating the effect ember.


Key features:

  • Powered by biofuel
  • Multi-faceted vision of fire
  • Clean burning without smoke
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Stainless steel biopanel
  • Easy filling of the biobrick
  • Use of absorbent insert
  • Indicator of maximum filling of the biocontainer
  • Square burner
  • Free-standing device
  • Stable construction
  • Made of boiler plate
  • Polished glazing made of fireplace glass on both sides
  • High-temperature powder coating
  • Possibility of using decorative elements
  • Burner saver included
  • Made in accordance with EN 16647

Fuel type
Maximum capacity of the bioreactor (l) 0,3
Fuel consumption (l/h) 0,1
Fabrication material P265GH boiler steel according to EN 10028-2
Surface finish High-temperature powder coating
Weight (kg) 2,7
Width x height x depth measurements (mm) 210x210x153

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