A fireplace only in the living room? How to find the perfect place for a fireplace?
An additional source of warmth and a cozy atmosphere. These are the most important reasons why we decide to install a fireplace. However, both functions are directly related to where in the house it will be located. A badly chosen location may not only make it impossible to use its decorative potential, but also hinder the distribution of heat. In extreme cases, it may even threaten the safety of the household members. To help you avoid similar problems, we have created a guide in which we explain what to look for when choosing a place for a fireplace.

The location of the fireplace and the strength of the ceiling
Let's start with the absolutely basic thing - the strength of the ceiling. The fireplace weighs at least 100, although its weight is usually several hundred kilograms. For the heaviest models, this value can be as high as one or two tons. This is a huge load for the ceiling or ground floor. Before deciding to install the firebox, we should make sure that these elements have sufficient load-bearing capacity.

But what if we know that the ceiling will not withstand the load, and yet we would like to enjoy the view of the flames on long autumn evenings? In such situations, we have two solutions to choose from. If possible - the ceiling can be reinforced. In the case of already existing - especially multi-family - buildings, the best solution will be to buy a biofireplace. Such devices weigh about 30 kilograms. Due to the fact that they are fueled with ethanol-based fuel, they do not require a chimney and do not generate soot and smoke during combustion.

Space for a fireplace technical issues
Choosing a place for a fireplace will be particularly difficult in buildings where its installation was not taken into account at the design stage. When making a decision, it is worth considering the following factors:

the distance from the chimney flue - should be as short as possible. The number of bends in the smoke pipe is also important;

• possibility of supplying fresh air - the so-called inlet of outside air;

• layout of the heating and electrical installations - pipes or cables should not run over the fireplace;

• character of the room - the hearth must not disturb its function or make it difficult for the household members to move.

In which room? Living room or dining room?
The most popular place for a fireplace is definitely the living room or dining room. In many arrangements, they are separated, and even if they are located in the same room, architects decide to set a contractual boundary. A fireplace can perform this function. Models with a three-sided vision of fire will work especially well in this role. They allow you to effectively designate a space for rest and eating, making the flames visible from anywhere in the room. Three-sided models can be found in the Hitze TRINITY line.

But what if the dining room and the living room are located in two different rooms and we would like the fireplace to be visible in both? A fireplace with a two-sided, tunnel vision of fire will be helpful here. Models from the ARDENTE line can be mounted in walls, partitions or columns, which gives architects a lot of space arrangement options.

In the center of the room or on the wall?
Another dilemma may be related to the choice of a specific place in the room. It is important that the fireplace will definitely be a key element in it, and only the TV set can compete for the attention of the household. That is why we often decide to place both devices next to each other. However, this is not a good idea. A cozy, homely atmosphere is much better emphasized by the fireplace itself.

There are many options for its location. As standard, it is mounted on one of the walls or inside it. When deciding on such a solution, it is worth planning the space in such a way that the TV is hung on the wall perpendicular to the one on which the fireplace will be located. Thanks to this, we will separate zones for entertainment in front of the screen and rest "in the unplugged version", and electronic equipment will not dominate the character of the room.

Another option is to install a corner fireplace. In this way, we can easily find a place to relax, and the fireplace itself will be the clearest accent in the room. To implement such a plan, we can choose a regular insert and mount it at an angle of 45 degrees or choose a more effective model with a two-sided, corner vision of fire. These are available in the Hitze ALBERO line.

The cartridges with "through" vision from the ARDENTE line also offer great opportunities. Thanks to them, you can create a place to relax together in the middle of the living room, and the fireplace will be its central element - it is enough to mount it inside the pillar.

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