Fireplace. What do you need to know before selecting and installing it?
Although, according to the current regulations, a fireplace cannot function as the only source of heat in a building, nothing prevents it from becoming an additional one. There are many arguments in favor of this solution. The atmosphere he creates, decorative character, savings and care for the environment are just some of them. However, in order for them to become ours, we have to choose the right model. As this may cause some problems, we have prepared a short guide in which we answer the 4 most important questions related to choosing a fireplace.

Which type of fireplace should you choose?
The comfort of use, efficiency, amount of emitted pollutants and visual qualities largely depend on the type of fireplace. We can choose models belonging to one of the following types:

• fireplace with an open hearth: a classic solution, however, characterized by low efficiency and high emission of pollutants, a large part of which ends up in the room;

• fireplace cassettes: they are distinguished by an additional sheet metal jacket, inside which air circulates - through the lower opening the cold one enters, and the hot one escapes;

• air inserts with an optional DGP system (hot air distribution): they can transfer energy directly to the interior with a fireplace and to other rooms, using gravity or blowing;

• inserts with a water jacket: in simple terms, they can be called decorative solid fuel boilers. The water in the jacket is heated, which then goes to the radiators, and returns to the fireplace after losing the temperature. Devices of this type can usually cooperate with the main heat source within one installation;

• free-standing stoves (so-called goats): they give more freedom in arranging space - they can be placed in different places, and the variety of designs allows you to find the model best suited to a given interior.

What do we propose?
Hitze's offer includes 112 models of fireplace inserts with the possibility of their further personalization. The individual lines meet the diverse needs of a given home and client.

MAXVISION system is a new series of 3 TRINITY fireplaces with three-sided glazing giving a full and natural vision of fire. The minimalist design combined with the enlarged glass panes perfectly complement the spacious interiors of modern homes.

PREMIUM System is a series of 16 ARDENTE fireplaces designed to constitute the sum of the best technical solutions from our offer. The available variants of DUO tunnel glazing and the comfort of everyday use make them chosen by the most demanding customers.

CUSTOM System is a series of 36 ALBERO fireplaces, which is the basic offer of the company with the greatest possibilities of personalizing the appearance of the fireplace. More than half of the models are popular corner inserts in a wide range of sizes and types of glazing.

EASY FIT system is a series of 18 HST fireplaces designed to be built-in with a reduced depth. They are most often chosen as decorative fireplaces, as a source of heat in passive houses and smaller rooms. The grateless furnace is appreciated by customers who prefer ash removal with a vacuum cleaner.

ECONOMY System is a series of 9 STMA fireplaces with a simplified structure in standard sizes. It meets the needs of everyone looking for reliability at an affordable price. The available installation accessories also reduce the cost of making the housing.

CUBO air cassettes
The KASET system is an extension of the offer for installations using the already existing open hearths. Fireplace cassettes also allow to significantly reduce the size of the new housing thanks to the automatic air circulation while enhancing the heating effect in the room.

AQUASYSTEM is a series of 30 ALBERO water chimneys adapted to work with the central heating water system. They allow the most effective use of burnt wood and heating the entire house. The possibilities of personalizing the appearance of the fireplace as in the CUSTOM system distinguish them from the market offer.

The power of the fireplace. How to choose it?
The optimal power of the fireplace can be estimated with great accuracy using the formula:

D = V x G x Dt [W], where:

D is the heat loss equal to the expected power of the fireplace;

V is the cubic volume of the building expressed in cubic meters;

G is the thermal transmittance coefficient (depending on the quality of thermal insulation, 0.75, 0.90, 1.20 or 2.00)

Dt is the difference between the temperature outside and the temperature expected at home (assuming the most extreme conditions).

Remember that the calculations made in this way are only an estimate. We will do the best by entrusting the selection of a specific model to specialists.

Ecological fireplace. How to choose?
In the era of more and more serious problems with air quality, we should also pay attention to how much pollution the fireplace emits into the atmosphere. Especially that in 2022, EU regulations adopted under the Ecodesign Directive regulating the parameters of heating devices will enter into force. Those that do not meet the requirements will not be approved for use. In most voivodships, such restrictions already exist today. To be able to use the fireplace legally, choose models with the appropriate declaration.

100% of the Hitze offer meets the Ecodesign requirements, so you do not need to check the data to be sure that you have made the right decision.

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