Free-standing fireplace LUPO M with heating plate

Anyone who appreciates the cosiness and warmth of a fireplace will certainly be interested in the latest model in our range. free-standing fireplace LUPO M with hotplate from HITZE. This unique fireplace combines modern design with unrivalled functionality, becoming the ideal solution for any home.

Optimum size for medium-sized rooms

As a freestanding cooker, the LUPO M has been designed with medium-sized rooms in mind, offering the ideal combination of size and heating power. Its compact dimensions make it fit perfectly into any interior, while providing optimum warmth.

Innovative hotplate in a fireplace

free-standing gas fireplace siga calma left side
free-standing gas fireplace siga calma front
free-standing gas fireplace calma siga left side

A unique feature of the LUPO M is its top section, which serves as a hob. This is ideal for the preparation of meals or the heating of beverageswhich makes this fireplace not only a source of heat, but also a practical element for everyday use.

The hotplate in the LUPO M free-standing fireplace, located in the upper part of the body, is a real revolution in the world of fireplaces, offering a an additional cooking or heating function. It is not only a source of heat, but also a practical solution that enhances comfort. With its impressive energy and environmental performance, the LUPO M is proof that HITZE constantly follows the needs of its customers, offering products that not only look beautiful, but are also efficient and environmentally friendly.

Free-standing cooker LUPO M

The free-standing fireplace LUPO M stands out for its high thermal efficiency, so it has less wood consumption and better heat transfer to the room in which it is installed.

By using high-grade boiler sheet metal, the LUPO M is resistant to large temperature fluctuations, which has a direct impact on its service life.

All of our fireplaces, including the LUPO M, meet the highest environmental and safety standards. It's a guarantee that by using our products, you are taking care of both the environment and your family's safety.

Free-standing fireplace HITZE LUPO M with heating plate

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