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Invariably from the very beginning HITZE has relied on cooperation with business customers, constantly expanding its distributor base.

We would like to introduce you to the advantages of our innovative B2B sales portal, which uses advanced technology to optimise the sales process and improve your business experience.

Our innovative B2B platform is not just a place where you can place orders. It is a comprehensive tool that offers many functions, automating the ordering process. Our aim is to create an environment where all your business needs are met in one place.

Above all, the platform enables you to quick and convenient ordering. But it doesn't stop there. You can also keep up to date check stock levelswhich will enable you to plan and manage your business effectively.

We take care of communication at the highest level. Thanks to the notification system, you will up-to-date on the status of orders and payments.

In addition, your entire order and invoice history is available in one place. It is an excellent tool for monitoring and analysing your transactions.

We want to keep you up to date with the latest offers and promotions. That is why our portal regularly provides you with up-to-date information on attractive offers.

Join us and find out how easy, fast and efficient running a business can be with our B2B platform.

With our ordering system, you not only save time, but also gain peace of mind knowing that you everything is under control.

The benefits of using a B2B platform!

Quick ordering

Our platform enables
quick and convenient ordering directly from your account. 

The interface is easy to use, allowing orders to be created seamlessly, even for multiple products at once.

Stock check*

Checking stock levels check the availability of individual products. 

It is a key tool to plan orders and minimise the risk of stock shortages.

Order status notification

Once an order has been placed, the system automatically generates notifications about its status.

This ensures that your order is processed and your products are on their way to you.

Payment status notifications

In addition to information on the status of your order, you will also receive notifications on the status of your payment.

This way you can be sure that Your payments are processed correctly, which eliminates any uncertainty.

Order and invoice history in one place

All your orders and invoices are stored in one easily accessible place.

With this, you can easily browse, analyse and manage your transaction historywhich will enable you to plan and manage your business effectively.

Information on the latest offers and promotions

Information on the latest offers and promotions

This ensures that you always receive best offers and you will be up to date with new products on the market.

Save your time and get started now Use the B2B platform!

You do not have access to B2B platforms?

If you have not received an invitation to use our purchasing platform, you do not have a username and passwordContact us!

You have forgotten your password for B2B platforms?

Your login is your e-mail addressto which you have received an invitation to use the B2B procurement platform. 

If you have forgotten your password, go to and select Password reminder.

Then enter your e-mail address and select Reset password.

After a few minutes, you should receive a link to create a new access password to your account.

*function available soon

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