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Check out our offer! new products from the Hitze brand, where we present innovative fireplaces, combining elegant design with modern ecological solutions. Our latest models are equipped with a clean glass system and advanced combustion control, and are also available in a version fo biofuel. Discover products that will not only effectively heat your home but also enrich it with unique style and user comfort.



Freestanding fireplace ELLISSE S It's a synonym for elegance and modernity, combining unique design and functionality. Its designer elliptical shape It stands out from traditional fireplaces, giving interiors a unique character. Thanks to adaptation for working with recovery systems and DGP system. ELLISSE S constitutes the ideal solution for homes aiming to achieve high heating efficiency while maintaining an aesthetic addition to any room. The freestanding fireplace ELLISSE S features storage compartment for firewood with a click system which facilitates its storage and maintenance of order.;


Freestanding fireplace

Free-standing fireplace ELLISSE SF combines advanced design and practicality, becoming not only a source of warmth but also the focal point of any interior. Its elliptical shape and doors, designed in a unique, aesthetic style, emphasize its unique character as a work of functional art. ELLISSE SF is adapted to cooperate with recovery and DGP systems, ensuring not only excellent heating properties but also energy efficiency. The high thermal efficiency of this model and the use of durable boiler steel P265GH in the construction of the body ensure long-term use and safety.



Freestanding fireplace ELLISSE SB presents the perfect combination of contemporary design and functionality. Its elegant, elliptical silhouette and precisely designed doors make it not only an efficient source of heating but also a refined decorative element in any room. With a cast iron grate and easily removable ashtray, ELLISSE SB is exceptionally easy to maintain cleanliness. Innovative accumulative lining increases the combustion temperature, minimizing the emission of solid particles and harmful oxides. Made of durable boiler steel P265GH The body ensures not only durability for intensive use but also resistance to extreme temperatures, resulting in the longevity and reliability of the fireplace.


Freestanding fireplace with oven function

LYNX O is a modern, compact freestanding fireplace with an oven, which will perfectly serve as a source of warmth and stylish interior decoration. Ten piec może być instalowany nie tylko w przestrzeniach otwartych, ale również we wnękach ściennych, dając większe możliwości aranżacyjne. Dodatkowo, LYNX O ensures high wood burning efficiency, offering an ecological and economical heating solution.


Free-standing fireplace with heating plate - LUPO M

Freestanding fireplace LUPO M with heating plate It is the perfect solution for medium-sized rooms, combining functionality and elegance. Thanks to the practical wood niche, this fireplace will not only be a source of warmth but also a stylish interior element. Its construction is adapted for homes with a recuperation system, and the additional option of connecting to a DGP ensures even greater user comfort.

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