Why are fireplaces so popular?

Aesthetics and atmosphere

Add unique character and warmth to its interior by means of a fireplace. View of the flames and the scent of wood will allow you to relax and calm down, making it an ideal item to place in the living room as a backdrop for evening readings and family gatherings on winter days.
Fireplace it decorationwhich matches any décor and always looks good. Minimalist modelsof which wood and gas fireplacesare currently particularly popular due to their maximum fire visibility and universal adaptation to different design styles. Whether you prefer a classic or modern style, popular fireplace models will be the perfect choice to add charm and functionalityand into your home.


Fireplace is not only a heat source, but also a multifunctional interior element. The models available on the market allow you to choose the appliance that best suits your needs. Fireplace from Hitze can decorate an interior and at the same time act as the main source of heat in the home. Thanks to the wide selection of contributions made of different materials, will meet the needs of even the most demanding aesthetes. Another advantage is the possibility of using water jacket technology or hot air distribution system, which allows heat to be distributed throughout the house, replacing traditional gas and electric heating. Connection to radiators or underfloor heating allows the fireplace to be used as the only source of heat in the house, even on very cold days.

An investment for years

Fireplace is a one-off investment for many years. Apart from the cost of purchasing the wood, it does not usually require a major investment. With regular servicing, we are able to detect potential faults or wear and tear in operating parts on a regular basis, thus avoiding costly repairs. Hitze fireplace inserts available on the market are very durable, thanks to
reinforced glazing and the use of sustainable heat-resistant components. Modern systems air curtainsj effectively reduce sooting glasseswhich has a positive impact on appearance and functionality appliances. Invest in fireplace and enjoy its benefits for many years.

Ease of maintenance

The choice of a FIREPLACE is encouraged above all by ease of maintenance and your energy heating. You don't need any specialist knowledge or skills to use this type of heating. Once the fire has finished burning and the hearth has cooled down completely, it only takes a few minutes to bring the insert back to its original state. In addition, using the professional fireplace cleaners available on the market is not necessary, as you can effectively maintain the aesthetics the hearth, using the wet cloth cleaning method, using the ash. With regular use of the fireplace however, care should be taken to ensure that too much does not build up in the firebox ashbecause excess ash obstructs the primary air supply under the wood. This in turn translates into emissivity the combustion process, as well as cleanliness of the glass. It is worth noting that the use of the fireplace is not only a source of warmthbut also aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly a solution that can decorate any interior.

Low cost

Heating fireplace is a solution that attracts with its low running costs. Apart from wood and periodic chimney sweeps, it requires no additional financial outlay. Wood can be ordered in spring or summer, when its price is significantly lower than during the heating season, which is an additional advantage of this form of heating. Our fireplaces &nbsp are characterised by low failure ratebecause they do not have complex automation, which means there are no costly repairs to consumable parts, such as in the case of a gas cooker, where repairing a faulty part can cost up to several thousand zloty.

Why opt for a Hitze fireplace?

When deciding to purchase the fireplace, we can find both supporters and detractors. However, it is not advisable to be influenced by negative opinions on the cost, efficiency and inconvenience of using a the fireplace. Such voices usually come from people who have had no experience of having a fireplace or have used outdated technologies. Today heating home fireplace heating. has no adverse effects on humans, and wood as fuel is environmentally neutral. With skilful use of the system, heating in the fireplace will not only be pleasant, but also economic and environmentally friendly.

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