Built-in fireplaces

Built-in fireplaces available at Hitze

Fireplaces intended for to be built in They are available in various nominal power, size, and construction variants. Moreover, individual models differ from each other in additional functionalities and types of available accessories. We offer both Built-in wood-burning fireplacesas well as gas-fired, as well as models with water jackets.High-quality craftsmanship, combined with exceptional aesthetics and user safety, makes Hitze fireplaces a successful investment for years to come. Built-in fireplace It is not only an ecological and economical source of heat, but also a specific atmosphere and unique ambiance that accompanies the observation of fire and being in a room with a fireplace.

Wood-burning Built-in Fireplaces in Hitze's Assortment

Fireplaces Designed for burning solid fuel, such as wood, wood-burning fireplaces are efficient sources of heat that not only serve a heating function but also have a decorative purpose. Their construction has been adapted for burning seasoned wood from tree species such as birch, beech, and hornbeam, among others. The proper moisture content of the solid fuel ensures the highest efficiency of the fireplaces and ranges from 12% to 20%. Built-in fireplace inserts They are divided into series, within which there are fireplaces characterized by different heating power. We offer eco-friendly fireplaces that meet all the requirements of Ecodesign and BlmSchV II directives. Another advantage of Hitze fireplaces is their construction adapted to the recuperation system.

The key advantages of Hitze built-in fireplaces.

Hitze built-in fireplaces. Hitze built-in fireplaces are efficient and eco-friendly sources of heat, which also stand out for their aesthetic appearance and fully safe operation. In addition to classic versions offering a one-sided view of the fire, there are also double-sided models designed for corner installation (selected fireplaces from the Hitze lineup ALBERO, HST and STMA), as well as three-sided ones (line TRINITY) allowing for fire-viewing from practically any location in the room.

Wood-burning built-in fireplaces They stand out with a wide range of customization options. In addition to handles and trims, you can also order, among other things, a Decor shaded glass and other accessories. Selected models feature the possibility of creating a warm enclosure (examples from the ALBERO, ARDENTE, HST, and STMA series).

Another advantage of built-in fireplaces is their easy usability. Practical systems for keeping the glass clean and an adjustable grate (ARDENTE series), made of cast iron, minimize the cleaning tasks associated with the fireplace. Additionally, the fireplace's design is intended to facilitate and shorten the installation process to the maximum extent.

In all fireplace series, you can find models characterized by different nominal power and heating load range. We offer both... fireplaces &nbsp for small, medium-sized, and spacious rooms. The high energy class, combined with high heating efficiency, ensures cost-effective operation.

Built-in fireplace series

The TRINITY series is characterized by a maximally exposed vision of fire. Its three-sided design allows for unrestricted observation of flames from practically any location in the room. Additionally, the TRINITY series stands out with MAXVISION glass, ensuring a natural appearance of the entire firebox. Its fully sealed construction ensures safe operation, while the use of high-quality materials guarantees durability and reliability for many years.

Another series included in the lineup is built-in fireplaces The premium series is ARDENTE DUO. Its unique appearance, combined with the highest quality craftsmanship, makes the tunnel air fireboxes from this series highly popular among discerning customers. They are perfect for island installations as well as for mounting in partition walls. The minimalist design works perfectly in spaces with a loft or Scandinavian style.

Special attention should also be given to the ALBERO series, which, like the others, comes in various nominal power variants. The heat-resistant ceramic glass ensures full resistance to very high temperatures. Thanks to the air curtain on the glass, no pollutants accumulate quickly. In practice, this means an undisturbed view of the firebox and minimal cleaning required.

The popular HST series, designed for built-in installation, is characterized by a grateless burner that can be cleaned with an ash vacuum cleaner. The ventilated handle and sealed combustion chamber are just some of the aspects that ensure user safety. The corner fireplace installation from the HST series allows for a two-sided view of the fire. Thanks to the adjustable cast iron damper, the exhaust gases can be directed in any direction.

Ecological and economical built-in fireplaces

Wood-burning built-in fireplaces The STMA line of built-in fireplaces is available in both single-sided and double-sided versions (designed for corner installation). Like other models in the HITZE range, they are equipped with an efficient flue gas afterburning system. Thanks to this system, the wood-burning built-in fireplaces from the STMA series have high thermal efficiency. We also offer CUBO fireplace inserts equipped with fans. These inserts allow for a significant reduction in the size of the fireplace enclosure and work particularly well with open fireplaces. All fireplaces available in the HITZE range are characterized by high-quality craftsmanship achieved through the use of modern CNC machines, 2D and 3D lasers, and edge bending presses. Additionally, all connections have been made using a welding robot, ensuring repeatability, aesthetics, and above all, durability.

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