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SIGA - Best-selling free-standing fireplace

Fans of fireplace warmth will appreciate the excellent energy and emission characteristics of the free-standing SIGA fireplace from the HITZE range.

As the ranking from the portal confirms World of Fireplaces, the fireplace is becoming increasingly popular on the market.

Convenience and efficiency: convincing parameters

Characterised by a high thermal efficiency of up to 84%, the SIGA free-standing fireplace is a corner design that blends perfectly into spaces of varying sizes - from small rooms to spacious halls.

Ergonomics and safety in one

free-standing gas fireplace siga calma left side
free-standing gas fireplace siga calma front
free-standing gas fireplace calma siga left side

This fireplace is equipped with a sealed chamber and spigot to allow the supply of outside air, and its ergonomic design and efficient aeration of the hearth guarantee safe and efficient use in a domestic environment with a mechanical ventilation system.

Free-standing stove SIGA

Perfection in every detail The SIGA free-standing fireplace is perfection incarnate. Its workmanship is characterised by high quality and practical technological solutions, such as the three-stage combustion chamber ventilation and the efficient flue gas afterburner, make it the ideal solution for those who value comfort and efficiency.

This fireplace is equipped with a high-efficiency air curtain, which further reduces dust and carbon monoxide emissions to a minimum.

Ideal heat accumulation

The undeniable advantage of this fireplace is its excellent heat accumulation. The combustion chamber and the deflector, located above the chamber, are made of the proprietary ACCUCERAM material, which is characterised by its exceptional heat accumulation capacity.

This fireplace also has a special exchanger with steel flames, which allows heat to be transferred quickly to the room.

Temperature resistance

The free-standing SIGA fireplace also guarantees resistance to high temperatures. The corner door is made of fireplace ceramic, suitable for temperatures of up to 800°C, and is additionally polished on both sides. This combination not only provides exceptional resistance to extreme heat conditions, but also ensures an elegant and attractive appearance, regardless of the conditions of use.

Reliability, even under the most extreme conditions

In addition, the entire corner door is made of boiler plate and a special profile, which guarantees rigidity and safe use. This design allows the unit to operate reliably even in the most demanding conditions, while maintaining a high aesthetic standard.

 Guarantee of longevity and safety

An unquestionable advantage of the SIGA corner cooker is its extraordinary durability, resulting from the use of high-grade boiler sheet metal, a feature of which is increased resistance to sudden temperature fluctuations. The materials used in the construction, combined with precise workmanship, ensure a long service life of the device and the maintenance of its original parameters even with intensive use.

Aesthetics in harmony with practicality

With its slim, rectangular design, the SIGA fireplace does not take up much space and its corner door guarantees a spectacular view of the burning fire. The modern design of the unit, combined with the decorative DECOR frame, makes this fireplace not only a practical function, but also a striking decorative element of any interior.

Efficiency that meets the highest standards

The free-standing SIGA corner cooker features a heat load range of 3 kW to 8.5 kW. Its high efficiency and low emissions make this fireplace meet all the requirements of 15a B-VG, BlmSchV II and Ecodesign, making it one of the best on the market.

Simple control of the combustion process

A further advantage is the possibility of fine-tuning the fireplace airing system using only one damper. The lower intake spigot makes the SIGA fireplace suitable for homes with a recuperation system.

Quality assurance

The production technology of SIGA fireplaces is based on the use of high-quality materials, such as boiler steel grade P265GH. In addition, the entire production process is carried out using precision machinery such as 3D lasers, 2D lasers, modern press brakes and advanced welding robots.

Undoubtedly, the SIGA free-standing fireplace is a product that deserves attention. Its unparalleled performance, attractive design and numerous functions make it the market leader among free-standing fireplaces. It is deservedly the bestseller in the HITZE product range.

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