Ecological fireplace. What does it mean and how to find it?

Fireplaces older types are often the main source of emissions of harmful compounds into the air. However, you don't have to give up having your own furnacesif you care about clean air. Choose fireplace compliant with the directive Ecodesignthat will ensure minimal impact on the environment and limit pollutant emissions.

A romantic mood and an additional source of heat are the main advantages the fireplace. However, in order not to contribute to air pollution, it is worth choosing a model that complies with the EU Ecodesign directive. The parameters of the air we breathe in winter are at a tragic level, so choosing the right fireplace is of great importance. It is worth knowing that this will soon be necessary under new regulations. Find out more about ecological solutions for your home.


Ecodesign Directive. What is it about?

The directive, adopted in response to the constant decline in air quality in European cities, requires devices (such as boilers, fireplaces, stoves and stoves) approved for use in the European Union to meet a number of requirements. With the entry into force in 2022, devices must meet requirements regarding seasonal energy efficiency, particulate matter (PM) emissions, organic gaseous compound (OGC) emissions, carbon monoxide (CO) emissions and nitrogen oxides (NOX) emissions.


In case of fireplaces and other solid fuel heaters, the Ecodesign directive standards specify minimum requirements for seasonal energy efficiency and emissions of harmful substances. For devices with closed pellet combustion chamber, with a closed chamber for fuel other than pellets and with an open chamber, the minimum standard values are, respectively:

  • 65% seasonal energy efficiency,

  • 40 mg/m³ particulate matter emissions (PM),

  • 120 mgC/m³ emissions of organic gas compounds (OGC),

  • 1500 mg/m³ carbon monoxide (CO) emissions,

  • 300 mg/m³ nitrogen oxide emissions (NOX).


Ecological fireplace. How to find it?

It's worth making sure yours fireplace will be compliant with the new regulations. To do this, check whether it has the Ecodesign declaration. The distributor will make this document available to you.

Declarations in PDF format can also be found on the manufacturer's or store's website. An example declaration for one of the most frequently chosen fireplaces, HITZE, You will find here. Check now and be sure that your fireplace is safe and legal.

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