Firewood, or how to prepare for the heating season?

Wood It is one of the oldest fuel raw materials that has been used by people since ancient times. With the advent of fire, this fuel became extremely important for the survival and development of civilization. Until the end of the 19th century, wood was one of the most popular natural renewable fuels. Despite the passage of time, it still remains very important source of energy. Thanks to wood is a renewable material, its use does not lead to the depletion of natural resources. Additionally, using wood as fuel is beneficial to the environment because it burns relatively cleanly. This is evidenced even by the myth of Prometheus, who gave people fire, thanks to which they began to use wood as fuel.

Why don't we smoke with fresh wood?

At fireplace Various types of wood can be burned, but the best results are obtained from deciduous or coniferous trees. It is also important to wood was dry, because only then it guarantees the highest thermal efficiency and best combustion. It is worth remembering that fresh wood, due to its high water content, has a very low calorific value, smokes and burns poorly, which translates into low amounts of heat. Condensed water vapor also settles on the pipes and walls of the fireplace, which may shorten its life and increase expenses. That's why it's worth choosing dry wood, and depending on the tree species and the season in which it was cut, it is worth taking into account differences in water content. Thanks to this, burning wood in the fireplace will be effective, pleasant and beneficial to the environment.

Preparation for the heating season

Firewood must be properly seasoned and prepared to ensure effective and safe heating. Before use, it is worth cutting the wood to the appropriate size to speed up the drying process. It is advisable to store the wood under a roof for about two years until the humidity drops to 20%. You should also make sure that the wood does not lie directly on the ground, but is properly secured. It is also important to avoid storing wood in closed and airless rooms, which may increase the moisture of the wood and promote the development of mold.

Which type of wood should I choose?

Specialists advise against using wood from coniferous trees in fireplaces. Wood it contains a lot of resin, which causes a lot of smoke and soot to be produced during combustion, which settles in the chimney flue and in the chimney. Even a small amount of soot, a layer of a few millimeters, can significantly reduce it efficiency and effectiveness of the fireplace. Therefore, we recommend using hardwoods such as oak, hornbeam, ash, beech or birch, which produce less smoke and soot when burning. Remember to remove soot from your chimneys regularly to ensure safe and effective use the fireplace.

You will achieve a much better heating effect by using hardwood, coming from deciduous trees such as oak or beech. It also provides more heat than firewood from the so-called soft tree species such as poplar or linden. In addition, you will have to add fuel to the fireplace less often, which will significantly contribute to using less wood when heating your home.

Where to buy the right firewood?

If you are looking for the best firewood, it is worth purchasing from forest districts, sawmills or fuel depots. Wood from the forest district is usually cheaper, but requires additional preparation, such as cutting and storing for at least a year. However, in sawmills and fuel warehouses you can find seasoned wood, which is ready for use, although usually more expensive. Before purchasing, it is worth comparing the prices and quality of wood from various sources.

Hitze fireplaces and wood

If you use fireplace inserts Hitze, we recommend using hardwood such as oak, hornbeam, ash, beech or birch. Burning softwood and tropical trees is strongly discouraged. When adding logs to the combustion chamber, place them parallel to the door surface. Thanks to this, you will achieve optimal combustion efficiency and reduce the amount of ash and soot. Remember that choosing the right wood is crucial for effective and safe heating.

We hope that this short guide has helped you prepare for the heating season and choose the best wood for your needs.

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