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   HITZE Academy Training – Report from the Event June 6-7, 2024 [PHOTO REPORT]

HITZE Academy Training – Report from the Event June 6-7, 2024

On June 6 - 7, 2024, we had the pleasure of hosting our dealers from Poland for a training as part of HITZE Academy.

The leitmotif of the HITZE Academy training was the fascinating world wood fireplaces and gas. This unique event enabled participants to gain both theoretical and practical knowledge on the subject design, installation and operation of our HITZE fireplaces, which are not only a source of heat, but also a unique element of interior design.

We invite you to see photos from the training that took place at our company headquarters STALKO in Radom. 

A visit to Production

HITZE Academy
free-standing gas fireplace siga calma front

We started the training with a visit to our production plant. Partners had the opportunity to see with their own eyes how our fireplaces are made - both gas and wood - from raw materials to finished products. The guides discussed each stage of production in detail, which allowed participants to better understand technological processes and quality execution of our HITZE fireplaces.

Visiting the HITZE Laboratory

We care about quality at every stage of production!

The next item on the agenda was a visit to... HITZE Laboratory, where advanced research and tests that we subject our fireplaces to were presented.

Partners could see how we conduct performance and security tests, as well as learn more about the technological innovations we introduce to our products. The laboratory allowed participants to familiarize themselves with a variety of fireplaces, both gas and wood-fired.

Theoretical training
HITZE Academy

After visiting the production and the HITZE Laboratory, the participants went to theoretical part of the training. This section included detailed presentations and lectures on various aspects wood and gas fireplaces.

Partners had the opportunity to get acquainted with the latest technologies, trends in design and principles of safe and effective operation of fireplaces.

Issues related to regulations and legal standards that are key when installing heating devices were also discussed. Thanks to this part of the training, participants gained a solid knowledge base necessary for professional installation and servicing HITZE fireplaces.

free-standing gas fireplace siga calma front

Practical training

The last but extremely important stage of training was practical workshops, during which participants could work directly with our fireplaces.

Under the supervision of experienced instructors, partners practiced assembly, servicing and diagnostics of various types of fireplaces - both CALMA gas fireplacesas well as wood fireplaces. These classes allowed us to acquire practical skills and better understand the technical aspects of our products.

free-standing gas fireplace siga calma front

Completion and Certificates for training participants

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