A minimalist interior with an impressive maximum vision of fire? It is possible!
A house with a fireplace has long been associated not only with a cozy, homely hut in the mountains. Modern fireplaces, i.e. enclosed fireplace inserts, are a prestigious addition to the living areas of stylish homes. Currently, most designs for new buildings include a designated place for the installation of a fireplace. It is worth taking a look at the possibilities offered by the selected project in advance, in order to make the best use of the charm of the home hearth. One of the examples of a perfectly selected place for a fireplace is a project carried out by the company Mikulska Studio. See for yourself how the Hitze Albero AL19G.H fireplace was used in it.

Don't be afraid to build a fireplace differently.

A common place to install a fireplace is the corner of the room, where architects most often place the chimney. As standard, a TV is placed next to it, and a sofa lands in front of it. In the presented project, the investors decided to depart from such a solution, creating a common element of the lounge and dining area from the fireplace. This has two main advantages:

  • The heat emitted by the fireplace glass will be gently distributed around the room, without overheating the furniture and people nearby.
  • This allows the installation of fireplaces with a larger panoramic glass (such as a fireplace Hitze Albero AL19G.H), which significantly raise the standard of the living room finish.

Think if you can see the fireplace from other rooms.

Moreover, the place where the fireplace is installed is the focal point that opens the living room after entering from the corridor. The view of the majestic wide fireplace attracts the attention of every guest, inviting them to rest in the heart of the house. The minimalist marble casing gives the whole a tasteful character. Despite its large dimensions, it perfectly harmonizes with a room decorated in a light and feminine style. Pastel colors complement the white of Crema marfi marble.

It is also worth taking a look at the housing structure itself.

In this design, the enclosure is designed as a simple cuboid extending from the floor to the ceiling. The insert was placed at a standard height of 45 cm above the floor, remembering to protect it with tempered glass. This prevents possible damage to the floor when adding wood.

Trust specialists who have been working in the industry for years.

The Hitze Albero AL19G.H fireplace insert is a flagship and very popular model, often purchased complete with a frame that allows for a quick casing finish. In this case, the stonemason working on this project decided to finish the fireplace more expensive with a matching stone frame. Natural stone is an ideal material for the construction of fireplace enclosures due to its thermal resistance, resistance to deformation and heat accumulation. It is also non-flammable and is an effective barrier against flames. The housing is diversified by a rectangular stone slab, the monolithic form of which emphasizes the beauty hidden in the simplicity of this building.

Fireplace grates are an important decision.

In order to ensure optimal ventilation of the fireplace insert, the required grilles have been installed in the casing:

  • two inlet at the bottom, one on each side of the furnace,
  • one wide at the top.

The grilles finished with an exclusive frame were put on INOX. Their proper selection and location determine many years of trouble-free use of the fireplace. They are both cooling for the insert itself and are also responsible for the quick gravitational heating of the entire room.

The project carried out by Mikulska Studio proves that sometimes the simpler the better. A selection of quality elements, such as a modern and ecological Albero fireplace insert, high-quality natural marble and stylish fireplace grates.

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Hitze Albero 19 fireplace with wide glass
Hitze fireplace Albero 19, ecological modern insert
Luxurious Hitze Albero fireplace for the living room
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