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Ecological, smokeless, biodegradable, human and environmentally friendly bioethanol fuel.

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Bio fuel BIO ECO. – innovative liquid BIO ECO to fireplaces, which has been specially developed to ensure clean and eco-friendly smoking. The main ingredient BIO ECO biofuels is a biological alcohol that guarantees complete combustion without emitting unpleasant odors and smoke. As a result of burning BIO ECO biofuels only water vapor and carbon dioxide are produced, in similar amounts to those we exhale as humans. This solution is extremely beneficial for health, and this is confirmed by the National Institute of Public Health.

Efficiency BIO ECO biofuels is impressive - a one-liter container allows you to burn for 2-5 hours, depending on the preferred intensity of the flame. It is not only economical, but also an effective source of energy. After just a few minutes of use BIO ECO biofuels generates a significant increase in room temperature, providing pleasant warmth and comfort. In addition, there is no need to worry about the soot and ash that are created when burning traditional ones fireplaces. Bio fuel BIO ECO. it only needs constant access to air, like other open fire devices.

Should be noted that bio fireplaces using BIO ECO biofuels can also be used for aromatherapy purposes. Biofuel this not only does not dry the air, but even moisturizes it, which brings additional benefits for health and comfort of use. By adding fragrance oils, bio fireplace With Bio fuel BIO ECO. it can become an excellent therapeutic device. A magical and charming flame the fireplace creates a cozy atmosphere at home, conducive to relaxation. It is also important that BIO ECO biofuels is fully ecological, produced in Poland and available in 1-liter packaging, which facilitates purchase and use.

Biofuel to BIO ECO fireplaces is a revolutionary product that provides clean and safe burning, whether it is used for heating or creating an atmospheric campfire. Its high efficiency, no emission of odors and smoke, and ecological origin make it an ideal choice for everyone who wants to enjoy the charm of fire in an environmentally and health-friendly way.

volume (l) 1 l
Width (cm) 8,5 cm
Height (cm) 23 cm

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