Ecology and health

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Ecological burning in the fireplace

Are you wondering what it means to smoke in an ecological and healthy fireplace? You do not know which wood will be the best for firewood to make burning in the fireplace economical and ecological? In this post, you will learn what to pay attention to and learn to smoke in a healthy and effective fireplace.

Why are fireplaces so popular?

Aesthetics and atmosphere Add unique character and warmth to your interior with the fireplace. The sight of the flames and the smell of the wood will allow you to relax and calm down, making it the perfect item to place in the living room as a backdrop for evening readings and...

Technology and security

ogień w kominku

Jak działa kominek z płaszczem wodnym?

How does a mantel fireplace work? A mantel fireplace is an effective yet energy-efficient source of heat. It complements the main heating. In addition, the ability to observe the phenomenal vision of the fire makes the fireplace introduces a harmonious...

O co zapytać instalatora kominka

What to ask the installer of the fireplace insert?

Has it always been your dream to have a fireplace? Are you planning a renovation and want to choose this method of space heating? Or maybe it's finally time to replace the fireplace insert and you don't know which model to choose? Learn how to properly prepare ...

Kominek w domu z rekupracją

Fireplace and recuperation?

According to the new Technical Conditions (WT2021), from January 1, 2021, a system regulating the air circulation in the building by means of mechanical ventilation or recuperation will be an obligatory element of newly constructed houses. This is due to the energy-saving and ecological ...

Inspirational interiors

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