A fireplace in the main role as a way of slow life ...

Working in the fireplace industry is a real pleasure. Especially when we have the opportunity to enjoy the charms of interiors heated by our fireplaces. One of the places we visited is Zagroda Wiejska Podlasie. This lovely chalet has a Hitze Albero AL.11S.V fireplace. Vertical glass is a rarer choice of customers, but see for yourself how impressive a slightly narrower fireplace can look.

Hitze vertical fireplace Albero 11 ecodesign

Light the fireplace and relax with the crackle of logs.

Rural homestead Podlasie it is a place of rest, therefore it could not miss a relaxation zone with a real fire. The owners made a perfect decision to install a canvas hammock in the living area. In our opinion, this solution beats the traditional "fireplace" straight from the couch or armchair. What's more, in this room you can see who's in charge! The TV set was not the focal point of the leisure zone, but Hitze Albero AL.11S.V. All this so that the guests resting more effectively break away from everyday life.

The size of the fireplace is of particular importance in smaller rooms.

An important factor determining the choice of a specific fireplace model was the available space in this interior. The installation of a vertical fireplace made it possible to limit the dimensions of the mounting recess to less than 70 cm in width.

Please note that the fireplace has been installed in a new concrete section of the wall. Installations of fireplace inserts in wooden walls, i.e. flammable ones, are unacceptable. In addition, the owners took care to protect the floor under the fire door. 

A very ingenious solution was the installation of chimney grilles on the other side of the pillar with a fireplace. It allowed to place a few decorative elements on the front of the casing, such as a place for wood, decorative wooden beams and folk ceramics.

We look forward to receiving new invitations to such unique places. See the video material to feel this atmosphere.

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Hitze vertical fireplace Albero 11 ecodesign
Hitze vertical fireplace Albero 11 ecodesign
Hitze vertical fireplace Albero 11 ecodesign
Hitze vertical fireplace Albero 11 ecodesign
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