Corner fireplaces


The main advantage corner fireplaces It offers a two-sided view of the fire, allowing you to observe the fireplace from practically any part of the living room. Corner fireplaces They are perfect for small, medium-sized, and spacious rooms. Due to their construction, they can be successfully installed even in particularly irregular spaces. Moreover, they are often installed on the border between, for example, the living room and kitchen. Such arrangement of a corner fireplace makes both rooms visually larger, connected, and therefore more cozy.

Corner fireplaces in the assortment

Available in Hitze's offer Corner fireplaces providing a beautiful display of fire that can be observed not only from the front but also from the side. This solution creates a specific atmosphere, tranquility, and harmony in the room. The Hitze range includes Corner fireplaces powered by solid fuel (sezonowanym drewnem) w wariancie powietrznym, a także modele z kurtyną wodną. Dodatkowo, proponujemy szeroki wybór kominków zasilanych gazem.

All fireplaces are distinguished by high-quality craftsmanship. Each component has been made exclusively from high-grade materials. Such a combination guarantees complete safety of use, long durability, and reliable operation for many years. Another... advantages of corner fireplaces They have high thermal efficiency, high energy class, as well as easy operation and quick installation.

Hitze corner fireplaces Hitze corner fireplaces are efficient and environmentally friendly sources of heat. They meet the requirements of the Ecodesign and BlmSchV II directives. The special design, combined with an efficient flue gas combustion system, ensures low fuel consumption while maintaining high heating efficiency. Using Hitze fireplaces is simple, easy, and above all, safe. Built-in user protection systems, such as a ventilated handle, a sealed combustion chamber, and protection against flue gas backflow when opening the door, are just some of the technologies that guarantee the highest level of safety.

Corner fireplace in the living roomIn addition to its heating function, the corner fireplace also serves a decorative purpose. All Hitze fireplaces, regardless of the series and type of fuel burned, stand out for their attractive design. They fit perfectly in both classically styled and modern or glamorous rooms. Another advantage of Hitze corner fireplaces is the maximum view of the fire achieved by minimizing the steel elements. The joined glass panels ensure a spectacular and, above all, natural appearance of the entire firebox.

High user comfort is another extremely important advantage of corner fireplaces. Special attention should be paid to features such as the clean glass system, which not only provides uninterrupted observation of the fire but also minimizes cleaning tasks. Additionally, a classic corner fireplace can be equipped with a large ash container, which needs to be emptied when full. We also offer models with a tilting grate that can be safely cleaned using an ash vacuum.

Corner wood-burning fireplaces offered by Hitze

Series of air fireplace inserts TRINITY wyróżnia się systemem MAXVISION, czyli zjawiskową wizję ognia, którą można obserwować aż z trzech stron. Linia TRINITY charakteryzuje się ponadprzeciętnym wyglądem i systemem EASY CLEAN, który gwarantuje czystą szybę i niezakłóconą wizję ognia.

On the other hand, Corner fireplaces z linii ALBERO są wyposażone w ceramiczne szkło żaroodporne, które wytrzymuje temperaturę nawet do 800℃. Płaszcz wkładu kominka jest wykonany z wysokogatunkowej stali kotłowej P265GH według normy EN 10028-2.

Na szczególną uwagę zasługują również kominki narożne z serii HST wyposażone w czopuch wykonany z żeliwa, który umożliwia odprowadzanie spalin w dowolnym kierunku. Cechą charakterystyczną linii HST jest niewielka głębokość wkładu. W praktyce oznacza to, że kominki są przystosowane do płytkiej zabudowy.

Classic Corner fireplace z serii STMA to najlepsza propozycja dla osób, które poszukują ekonomicznego kominka charakteryzującego się wysoką jakością wykonania. Seria STMA, dzięki uproszczonej konstrukcji, jest przystępna cenowo, dzięki czemu cieszy się dużą popularnością. Wysoka sprawność cieplna, w połączeniu z wysoką klasą energetyczną sprawia, że komniki narożna STMA to wydajne i ekologiczne źródło ciepła.

Economic and ecological corner fireplaces - other models

Asortyment Hitze obejmuje także kominki z płaszczem wodnym (with a heat exchanger) made of high-quality P265GH steel. The operation principle of fireplaces equipped with a water jacket involves extracting heat from the combustion chamber. In practice, this means the possibility of reducing heating bills by up to 40%. Despite their compact size, corner fireplaces of this type are characterized by high efficiency in heating water in a central heating system.
All fireplaces in the Hitze range are characterized by the highest quality of craftsmanship. The components of the inserts have been manufactured using modern and highly precise CNC machines (edge presses, 2D and 3D lasers). Additionally, the welds made using a welding robot stand out not only for their high aesthetics but also for their repeatability and durability.

Gas corner fireplaces in the Hitze range.

Corner fireplaces They are also available in gas-powered variants. They can be safely connected not only to G20 gas installations (natural gas), but also G27 installations (nitrogenized natural gas) and G30 installations (a popular propane-butane gas mixture). Additionally, the corner fireplaces from the Calma series are compatible with installations using propane only, which is G31 gas. It's worth mentioning that it's possible to connect the fireplaces to other gas installations, and this conversion is performed exclusively by Hitze technicians. The distinctive feature of gas-powered models is the proprietary Triangle Flame burner. The fireplace can be controlled using both a remote control and a mobile application. During the ordering process, it is possible to customize not only the fireplace's power, but also the size of the glazing, the lining of the combustion chamber, the type of glazing, and additional accessories.

All fireplaces in the Hitze range (powered by wood or gas) They have been designed to work with a heat recovery system. They are also available in various rated power and heating load ranges. In practice, this means that they can be successfully installed in virtually any room, regardless of its size.

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