Energy class:
  • Oval side wall design.
  • Cast-iron flue outlet mounted on the top or rear of the fireplace.
  • Designed for recuperation.
  • Adapted for DGP system.
  • Fireplace with wood-burning niche.
  • High thermal efficiency.

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The CANE S oval free-standing wood-burning stove is distinguished by its modern and aesthetic design. The use of high-quality P265GH boiler sheet guarantees not only a long service life, but also above-average resistance to temperature fluctuations. The construction of the CANE S free-standing fireplace ensures effective and safe use in houses equipped with a mechanical ventilation system (recuperation). A wide range of heating load from 3.0 kW to 8.5 kW and a rated thermal power of 6.5 kW make the fireplace provide effective heating for both small and medium-sized rooms.

Free-standing stove CANE S - excellent emission and heat parameters

The CANE S free-standing fireplace is distinguished by its sealed combustion chamber and spigot, which allows for an effective supply of outside air. In addition, the use of the proprietary ACCUCERAM material guarantees above-average storage properties. In everyday use, this means that the body of the fireplace, after the hearth is completely extinguished, gives off heat to the room in which it is located, even for several hours. In addition, the use of a ceramic deflector and a maximally extended flue directly improves the efficiency of the fireplace.

The whole process of regulating the amount of air supplied to the fireplace involves the use of two, completely independent dampers. One of them is responsible for controlling the amount of primary air, while the other is responsible for supplying secondary air. Another advantage of the stove is the air curtain located above the door. The use of a removable ash pan with increased capacity ensures quick and trouble-free removal of ashes. The ash pan is located under a solid grate made of cast iron. The design of the CANE S freestanding stove allows the flue gases to be led out from both the top and the rear of the body.

CANE S free-standing fireplace - a phenomenal vision of fire 

The CANE S wood-burning freestanding stove is equipped with a door that is made of, among other things, ceramic glass, which retains its original parameters, including transparency, at temperatures up to 800°C. During the manufacturing process, the fireplace ceramic was polished on both sides, thus guaranteeing a beautiful vision of the fire. Another advantage of the door is the high level of rigidity, which positively affects the comfort of use.

The CANE S free-standing fireplace can effectively heat not only the room in which it is located, but also the neighboring rooms thanks to the possibility of connecting to a hot air distribution system.

CANE S wood-burning freestanding stove - additional information

The CANE S free-standing wood stove meets all the requirements of EKOPROJECT, as well as 15a B-VG and BlmSchV II. This means a guarantee of an ecological and safe combustion process. In addition, the fireplace is distinguished by its oval shape, which, in combination with such accessories as a DECOR frame, makes it practical and decorative. In addition, the use of a throttle ensures quick and trouble-free ignition. High quality and precision of workmanship have been achieved thanks to the use of modern equipment, such as 2D and 3D lasers, welding robots and press brakes.

Fuel type
Seasoned hardwoods with a moisture content of 12-20%
Nominal power (kW) 6,5
Heating load range [kW] 3,0 – 8,5
Thermal power transferred to the room (kW) 6,5
Thermal efficiency [%] 83
Flue gas temperature (°C) 239
Pollen emissions at 13% O2 (g/m³) 0,038
CO emissions at 13% O2 (g/m³) 1,080
Energy class: A+
Energy efficiency index EEI 111,4
Meets the requirements of EKOPROJEKT YES
Meets the requirements of BlmSchV II YES
Designed for recuperation YES
Fabrication material P265GH boiler steel according to EN 10028-2
Weight (kg) 118
Type of hearth grates
Glass measurements 390 x 540
Flue diameter [mm] 150
Inlet diameter [mm] 100
Width x height x depth measurements (mm) 550 x 1019 x 400

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