ALAQS 68×53.S-D


Energy class:
  • High heating efficiency over 80%.
  • It meets environmental standards thanks to its low emissions.
  • Adapted for open and closed system operation.
  • Fireplace insert suitable for recuperation.

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  • The water jacket (heater) is made of high-quality P265GH boiler steel with a thickness of 4 mm.
  • Solid shell welds are formed on a welding robot.
  • A reinforced door profile was used.


  • The built-in coil is an automatic jacket cooler.
  • The innovative ventilated handle protects against burns.


  • The system of flue gas afterburning and the placement of the water jacket above the hearth translates into extremely high efficiency of the cartridges.


  • The air curtain provides a "clean glass" effect.
  • Easy cleaning is made possible by a cast-iron grate with a removable ash bin.


  • Possibility of open and closed system operation.
  • It is suitable for homes with recuperation.


  • A built-in inlet with a throttle allows smooth integrated regulation of the amount of incoming air.


  • ceramic deflector,
  • vertical flame tubes,
  • Steel stub, adjustable feet (+4 cm),
  • heat radiators.

Energy class: A+
Ecodesign +
BlmSchV II +
15a B-VG +
Heating load range [kW] 9,5-24
Possibility of warm housing NO
Water jacket capacity (dm³) 45
Thermal power of the water circuit (kW) 7,2
Nominal power (kW) 19
Fuel type seasoned hardwood (beech, birch, hornbeam) with a moisture content of 12-20%
Thermal efficiency [%] 83
CO emissions at 13% O2 (g/m³) 0,666
Pollen emissions at 13% O2 (g/m³) 0,025
Flue gas temperature (°C) 226
Active area of outlet grilles (cm²) 1330-1520
Active area of inlet grilles (cm²) 760-1240
Flue diameter [mm] 200
Inlet diameter [mm] 125
Material P265GH boiler steel grade according to EN 10028-2
Measurements of the glass in the fireplace (mm) 680 x 530
Weight (kg) 217

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